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Group Participants

Planning an Initial (H)FOSS (Learning) Activity

(Please discuss and record your group's approach for an initial (learning) activity. When you have a good draft description of the (learning) activity using the sections below, you could create a (learning) activity page for it by copying the Learning Activity Format with Directions.)

As a meta topic, this project not specifically for a "learning activity". To start, this project will summarize current (H)FOSS/POSSE diversity, equity, and inclusion work. In future, learning activities may develop. Instead will currently focus on DE&I resources to be used by instructors and students as they explore/learn HFOSS. [Roca 20-June-2018]

Project targeted for the activity

Brief description of the activity

Time you expect the (H)FOSS activity to take

e.g. # classes, # homework assignments, # lab activities, etc.

(Whether the activity will be completed in class or out of class)

(Relationship of this activity to course goals/objectives)

What students/faculty/etc will submit upon completion of the activity

Approach for assessing the work

Questions or concerns you have about implementing your activity

Support you will need to implement your activity

Planning Stage 3 Activities


<Identify meeting times. Find out (H)FOSS project meeting times.>

Specific Tasks

<What will various group members do.>

Resources / Models

<List any resources that you find>


DE&I Research/Advocacy/Intervention Efforts



  • (any?)


Opportunities (especially for students)

  • Hack for Impact; UPenn

DE&I Articles

Articles in chronological order. Includes both peer-reviewed and not (such as blog posts, etc)

<xxTODO add links to peer-reviewed articles>

Lin 2005 Inclusion, diversity and gender equality: Gender Dimensions of the Free/Libre Open Source Software Development

Morgan 2012 How Does a Collaborative Community Affect Diverse Students' Engagement with an Open Source Software Project: A Pedagogical Paradigm

Kuechler 2013 The Emergent Qualities of Diversity in Free and Open Source Software Communities: A Critical Review and Theoretical Discussion

Dryden 2013 The Ethics of Unpaid Labor and the OSS Community

Congalton 2014 A Mixed Methods Investigation of Ethnic Diversity and Productivity in Software Development Teams

Davidson 2014 Older Adults and Free/Open Source Software: A Diary Study of First-Time Contributors

Robles & others 2016 Women in Free/Libre/Open Source Software: The situation in the 2010s

Roca 2018 Announcing EquitableTech: Open Source Skills Training of Minority Students (see included citations)

Weng 2018 Opening Doors with Open Source

Weng & Murphy 2018 Bridging the Diversity Gap in Computer Science with a Course on Open Source Software

Mendez & others 2018 Open Source barriers to entry, revisited: A tools perspective

Other Notes

Prior related POSSE groups, participants, content, etc, if any:

xxTODO diversity analysis of following POSSE nodes (drawing from NSF reports?):

POSSE Institutions

  • teaching v research type: research-intensive, PUI-4-year, Community College, etc
  • mission: HBCU, HSI, Tribal, parochial, private, public, etc

Summary demographics of POSSE participants

  • gender
  • ethnicity
  • etc

(When creating an activity, remove it from the Formats category.)

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