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Research Bug Activity


Description Learners will choose a fixed defect or feature, research its history, and summarize in an online format.
Source 50 Ways
Prerequisite Knowledge Basic understanding of what a bug/enhancement is.
Estimated Time to Completion 60 minutes
Learning Objectives To understand the source of a bug. To trace the history of a bug. To be able to articulate how and why a bug was resolved.
Materials/Environment Access to Internet/Web and web browser.
Rights Licensed CC BY-SA
Turn In A link to your blog post.



  1. Go to the Gnome bugzilla instance:
  2. Find the MouseTrap closed bugs:
    1. From the main Gnome Bugzilla page, click on the Search icon
    2. Under Status select Closed
    3. Under Product select mousetrap (hint: repeatedly press 'm' until you tab down to mousetrap)
    4. In the Words slot enter 'fix'
  3. You should now see a list of closed bugs. Select a defect or feature from this list
  4. Read the bug report and history carefully to determine:
    1. When was the bug reported?
    2. Who reported the bug?
    3. What actions were taken on the bug and by whom?
    4. When was the bug fixed?
    5. What was the fix?
    6. Who made the fix.
  5. Report your findings in a blog post. Turn in a link to your blog post.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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