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SurveyLinkSurvey DataTask Tracking (Activity)
Teaching Open Source (Activity)TeamMeeting 2013 01 AgendaTeamMeeting 2013 01 Notes
TeamMeeting 2013 12 AgendaTeamMeeting 2014 01 AgendaTeamMeeting 2014 01 Notes
TeamMeeting 2015 01 AgendaTeamMeeting 2016 01 AgendaTeamMeeting 2016 01 Notes
TeamMeeting 2017 01 AgendaTeamMeeting 2017 01 NotesTeamMeeting 2017 02 Agenda
Test Coverage ActivityTest Driven DevelopmentTest Installation Instructions
Test Release Candidate (Activity)Test Usability (Activity)Testing And Coverage Assignment
TheOpenMRSTeam/MeetingMinutesThink for Good - Hacking Government Open DataUML a Project
UX ReviewUnderstanding Creative CommonsUnderstanding the Open in Open Source (Activity)
Unit Test With GoogleTest ActivityUpperLevel HFOSS Course, CNU, LambertUshahidi 2013-01-13
Ushahidi 2013-06-13Ushahidi Android ApplicationUshahidi Assignment Linear Search
Ushahidi CS2 Exercise TemplateUshahidi Installation InstructionsUsing Open APIs In Mobile Apps Activity
Version Control (Activity)Voting Program ActivityWebsite Project-Activity
Wes Turner - Part A EvaluationWes Turner - Part B EvaluationWhat students learned about open source
Why Use Version ControlWiki To DoWork Locally with Git from the Command Line (Activity)
Working With Cloned ModuleWrite a Bug Report (Activity)Wurst (Proposal)

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