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Group Participants

Marco Gerosa <>

Becka Morgan <>

Lin Deng <>

Planning an Initial HFOSS Learning Activity

Please discuss and record your group's approach for an initial learning activity. When you have a good draft description of the learning activity using the sections below, you could create a learning activity page for it by copying the Learning Activity Format with Directions.

Course targeted for the activity

Software Engineering

Brief description of the activity

Perform a usability analysis of a FOSS project.

Time you expect the HFOSS activity to take

1 homework assignment

Relationship of this activity to course goals/objectives

Helps to learn and practice concepts of usability.

What students will submit upon completion of the activity

A report of usability issues and suggestions for improvements.

Approach for assessing the student work

Grading the deliverable according to some criteria.

Questions or concerns you have about implementing your activity


Support you will need to implement your activity


Planning Stage 3 Activities


<Identify meeting times. Find out HFOSS project meeting times.>

Specific Tasks

<What will various group members do.>


<List any resources that you find>

Other Notes

Prior related POSSE groups, if any:

When creating an activity, remove it from the Formats category.

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