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OpenFE Team Meeting Agenda

Nassau Community College
January 23-24, 2014

Goals for this Meeting

  • Assess status of the project relative to the proposal
  • Plan other actions needed to stay on track with the proposal
  • Plan upcoming events for SIGCSE, CCSCNE, POSSE
  • Identify / summarize what has been accomplished (in part for year 2 annual report)
  • Discuss process for getting stipends to faculty who developed course materials

Schedule Overview

  • Thursday afternoon: Arrive; target start time of 4pm
    • Should this be 4pm at the hotel lobby or at NCC?
  • Casual / Working dinner
  • Work until 8 or 9 Thursday evening
  • Work again on Friday, with a goal of continuing until 3pm (or later?) depending on when people need to travel to get home.



  • Review JS' mapping and figure out what we need to track exactly:
    • Student perception of work product quality
    • Number of student HFOSS contributions
    • What else? Need to go through the mapping and figure out what instruments we need to capture this information.
  • Status of instruments
  • Use of CAT or other validated instruments
  • Direct measurement of learning
  • Measuring Student Learning and Engagement
  • How to measure stage 3 activity
  • One year post survey for POSSE alum
  • Tracking of individual POSSE alums and what they do with HFOSS


  • Planning for 2014
  • Date and location
    • Need to update the SIGCSE 2014 page with the correct dates [1]
  • Advertising
  • Team attendees and instructors
  • Having POSSE alums attend and present (or should this be a SIGCSE pre-event feature)
  • Revising contents
  • Does the 3 stage model work?
  • How to support stage 3 faculty
  • Plan more organized faculty mentoring?
  • Red Hat support?

Teaching materials

  • How well have we packaged what we have?
  • How do we create/collect more materials?
  • Learning materials sprint
  • How do we pay faculty members?
    • Do we do partial payment when faculty have materials but haven't tested them yet?
    • What is the billing mechanism?


  • TOCE special issue on Team Projects in Computing Education
    • April 1st deadline for abstract, August 1st deadline for paper
  • What other targets do we have?

Group Informatics

  • Status and development plan
  • How to get adoption


  • Review of budget status

4:00 Schedule review and adjustment
5:00 Status relative to proposal
6:00 Discussion of results and HFOSS status overall
7:00 Break
7:15 Spring event planning - task list
8:00 Course materials status assessment
9:00 Return to hotel or home
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