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Germinal Isern is Distinguished Professor of Information Technology at Clark University. In his current position, Professor Isern teaches courses in MSIT, MSPC and MPA programs in the Worcester campus and at the campuses in Poland, Israel and Russia. Professor Isern has been with Clark University for 11 years but he also has worked for several other universities in the area including Harvard University and Northeastern University and in more than 40 countries around the world. His primary research areas of interest include cybersecurity, computer forensics and networks. Professor Isern is the author of several books in computer networks and operating systems and has published numerous articles in research publications including ACM Computer Communication Review CCR, Operating Systems Review SIGOPS, ACM SIGCSE, IEEE International Journal of Mathematics, Future Generation Computer Systems FGCS, JOSN etc. Some of these articles are primary reference in the Cyber Security research world for dozens of researchers and had been cited in several PHD and master degrees dissertations and publications. Professor Isern has been recognized by CONABA, PEI and PPI, and was awarded the Outstanding Educator Award 16 times by CS UCV, as well as an honorary doctorate by Universidad Nacional de Piura Perú (in progress), and numerous other awards. Before joining Clark University, Professor Isern held professorial positions at the Central University of Venezuela, Universidad Catolica Andres Bello and Universidad Simón Bolívar where he was director of the Computer Networks and Architecture Laboratory and creator and designer of the graduate program in Computer and Network Security. Professor Isern has been chair of several Networks conferences and has worked as a consultant for several financial, educational and telecommunication institutions in the security and network area. Professor Isern received his Computer Science Engineering degree and MSC CS from UCV , his MSC in Electronics and Communication from USB, his MSC Telecommunications and Business from INT France Telecom, Paris France and his studies of PHD CS and PHD Education from UCV. He is actually teaching CS and CE courses in Massy Community College and Worcester State University.

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