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(Re-)Engineering Quality requirements (Activity)(Re-)Engineering a Software Requirements Specification(Re-)Engineering a domain model (Activity)
(Re-)Engineering a system vision (Activity)(Re-)Engineering goals (Activity)(Re-)Engineering stakeholders (Activity)
(Re-)Engineering use cases (Activity)50 Ways to be a FOSSerACM Body of Knowledge
Academic Perspective DiscussionBackwardly Compatible Code (Activity)
Benthall - Open Collaboration (Proposal)Bio of a FOSS Person (Activity)Blockly Project
Blog ActivityBlog and Infographic Project (Activity)Buffardi - Graduate SE (Proposal)
Bug GardeningBug SelectionBug Tracker Activity-MouseTrap
Bui, Rebelsky - IRC in the Curriculum (Proposal)Build a GnomeMusic Clone (Activity)CCSCE 2013 Workshop
CCSCNE 2013 WorkshopCCSCNE 2014 MouseTrap HackfestCCSCNE 2014 MouseTrap Hackfest Agenda
CCSCNE 2014 MouseTrap Hackfest TechnicalCCSCNE 2014 WorkshopCS2 Data Structures Activity
CSEET 2013 WorkshopCapstone, Dickinson, BraughtCapstone, WNE, Jackson
Career PlanningChoosing A LicenseCiviCRM Project
Code Base UnderstandingColeman (Proposal)Community Perspective Discussion
Comparable Interface - Code Reading-ActivityConnect with the Community (Activity)Course Format with Directions
Crain - Computer Security (Proposal)Data Visualization (Module)Deploy and Customize Ushahidi
DickinsonFOSSDocument Code with Meaningful Comments (Activity)Dorodchi - Practicing Software Engineering (Proposal)
Doroodchi - Software Development (Proposal)Doroodchi 2 - Toolset (Proposal)ElKharboutly - FOSS across SE (Proposal)
Evaluate a Project (Activity)EvaluationEvaluation Instruments
Evaluation KeyEvaluation Table KeyEvergreen ILS Project
Examine Branch Test Coverage (Activity)Exploring artifact models (Activity)FOSS Background (Module)
FOSS Course, UPenn, MurphyFOSS Field Trip (Activity)FOSS Field Trip (Activity) Old
FOSS Field Trip Activity V1FOSS OnRampFOSS Organizations
FOSS Politics Writing ActivityFOSS ToolsFOSS in Courses 1 (Instructors)
FOSS in Courses 2 (Instructors)Faculty Proposal Format with DirectionsFaculty Workshop Infrastructure
Fedora 22 in VirtualBox Set upFedora Install ActivityFinding The License
Finding the Code Responsible for BehaviorFossismsFunding Support for Instructors
GNOME ResourcesGetting Started in Open SourceGit: CS1 DragonActivity
Git: CloningGit: GitHub Issues and Pull RequestsGit: GitHub Workflow Activity
Git: Git Intro ActivityGit: Working with Remotes from the Command LineGlossary
HFOSS CommunitiesHFOSS Course, Western Oregon, MorganHFOSS For Students
HFOSS LinksHFOSS ProjectsHFOSS Projects A
HFOSS Projects BHFOSS To DoHandle an OpenMRS Ticket (Activity)
HumIT MigrationHumanitarian Open Street Map ProjectICCE 2016 Tutorial - HFOSS
IRC Meeting 1IRC Meeting 2IRC Meeting 3
IRC Meetings POSSEIRC Meetings ScheduleIndependent Capstone Project Design
Installing a Virtual MachineInstantly Run An App in the CloudInstantly Run An App in the Cloud 2
Instructor ExperiencesInteractive Visualization with GitIntro Project Identification Activity
Intro to Bash (Activity)Intro to Bug Trackers (Activity)Intro to Copyright and Licensing (Activity)
Intro to FOSS (Activity)Intro to FOSS Project Anatomy (Activity)Intro to GitHub (Activity)
Intro to IRC (Activity)Intro to Style Guides (Activity)Intro to Wiki (Activity)
Introduction to Static AnalysisIntroduction to Test Driven DevelopmentIntroduction to building open source software
JPearce FOSS in Courses 2JPearce Project EvaluationJPearce on BugTracking
JPearce on IRCJPearce on OpenHubJPearce on SourceForge Educational Projects
Learning Activity Format with DirectionsLearning Activity RubricLearning Activity Summary
Learning Module Format with DirectionsLinux Beginner ActivityLinux Package Management (Distribute Your App)
Logan Status UpdatesMain PageMapping Requirements Specification Standards (Activity)
Materials CatalogMello-Stark - SE Labs (Proposal)Meta NavigationResourcesReview
Model Basic Security Threats (Activity)Morgan - FOSS Course (Proposal)MouseTrap Classes
MouseTrap Dev HelpMouseTrap Dev Help/From ScratchMouseTrap Dev Help/gstreamer
MouseTrap Dev Help/mousetrap internalsMouseTrap Dev Help/opencvMouseTrap Getting Started
MouseTrap RequirementsMouseTrap SprintMouseTrap Status
MouseTrap TeamMouseTrap TeamMeetingOS Project Comparison Activity
OpenFoodNetwork ProjectOpenMRS-CS2-ActivityOpenMRS-Dev
OpenMRS Architecture activityOpenMRS Design Reverse Engineering Activity (Android App)OpenMRS Security Assessment
OpenMRS Security Assessment 1OpenMRS Security Assessment 2OpenMRS Security Assessment 3
OpenMRS Security Assessment 3BOpenMRS Security Assessment 4OpenMRS Security Assessment 5
OpenMRS Security Assessment 6OpenMRS Security Assessment Wiki Assessment Template AOpenMRS Security Assessment Wiki Assessment Template B
OpenMRS Security Assessment Wiki Assessment Template COpenMRS Security Assessment Wiki Assessment Template DOpenMRS Security Assessment Wiki Interview Questions Template
OpenMRS Security Assessment Wiki TemplateOpen Data ActivityOpen Source Communication Activity
Open Vs Proprietary Mock DebateOpen source project to which they would like to contributeOrigins of Free Libre Software
POSSE 2013-06 2A Sunday EtherpadPOSSE 2013-06 AnnouncementPOSSE 2013-06 Feedback
POSSE 2013-06 ParticipantsPOSSE 2013-06 Stage 2 ActivitiesPOSSE 2014-05
POSSE 2014-05 AnnouncementPOSSE 2014-05 ParticipantsPOSSE 2014-11
POSSE 2014-11 AnnouncementPOSSE 2014-11 FeedbackPOSSE 2014-11 Participants
POSSE 2015-09POSSE 2015-09 AnnouncementPOSSE 2015-09 Participants
POSSE 2016-06POSSE 2016-06 ParticipantsPOSSE 2016-11
POSSE 2016-11 ParticipantsPOSSE 2017-04POSSE 2017-04 Participants
POSSE 2017-07POSSE 2017-07 ParticipantsPOSSE 2017-11
POSSE 2017-11 ParticipantsPOSSE PlanningPathway Format with Directions
Pathways ConceptsPathways Model Workshop 2016Penzenstadler - Requirements Engineering (Proposal)
Philosophies of the Free Software Foundation and the Open Source InitiativePossible CS1 activitiesPossible Pathways and Learning Activities
Practice EARS (Activity)Project Evaluation (Activity)
Project Evaluation Activity V1Project Evaluation Activity V2Project Evaluation Rubric (Activity)
Project Format with DirectionsPropose a New FeaturePublications
Rea, Yeates (Proposal)Rea - Android Course (Proposal)Rebelsky - CS2 Data Structures (Proposal)
Rebelsky Work LogReflect on Learning from Failure (Framework)Regression Test Assignment
Related EffortsRepo exploration for overloading ops in C++ ActivityReproduce a Bug Activity
Requirements AnalysisRequirements Engineering, CSU Long Beach, PenzenstadlerRequirements engineering process (Activity)
Research Bug ActivityReview Coding ConventionsRobSjodin
SIGCSE 2013 Workshop AgendaSIGCSE 2013 Workshop NotesSIGCSE 2014
SIGCSE 2014 BoFSIGCSE 2014 Pre-Symposium EventSIGCSE 2014 Workshop
SIGCSE 2016 POSSE RoundupSIGCSE 2017 POSSE RoundupSIGITE 2013 Workshop
SahanaGroupNotesSoftHum MigrationSoftware Design Architecture Comparison
Software Development, WNE, JacksonSoftware Quality, CSU Chico, BuffardiSolving A Bug
Sprint 2016 08 AgendaStage2 GroupsStage 1 Activities
Stage 2 ActivitiesStage 2 Activities/2.3 GNOMEStage 2 Activities/2.3 GNOME 2014-05
Stage 2 Activities/2.3 OpenMRSStage 2 Activities/2.3 OpenMRS 2014-05Stage 2 Activities/2.3 ParticipantResponses
Stage 2 Activities/2.3 ParticipantResponses 2014-11Stage 2 Activities/2.3 SahanaStage 2 Activities/2.3 Ushahidi
Stage 2 Activities/OPEN ActivityStage 2 Activities/Stage 3 Planning - FormatStage 2 Activities/Stage 3 Planning - HF
Stage 2 Activities/Stage 3 Planning - OpenMRS Team 1Stage 2 Activities/Stage 3 Planning MousetrapStage 2 Activities/Stage 3 Planning Ushahidi-20160616
Stage 2 Activities/bugfindingmrsStage 2 Activities DraftSurveyLink
Survey DataTeaching Open Source (Activity)TeamMeeting 2013 01 Agenda
TeamMeeting 2013 01 NotesTeamMeeting 2013 12 AgendaTeamMeeting 2014 01 Agenda
TeamMeeting 2014 01 NotesTeamMeeting 2015 01 AgendaTeamMeeting 2016 01 Agenda
TeamMeeting 2016 01 NotesTeamMeeting 2017 01 AgendaTeamMeeting 2017 01 Notes
TeamMeeting 2017 02 AgendaTest Coverage ActivityTest Driven Development
Test Installation InstructionsTest Release Candidate (Activity)Test Usability (Activity)
Testing And Coverage AssignmentTheOpenMRSTeam/MeetingMinutesThink for Good - Hacking Government Open Data
UML a projectUX ReviewUnderstanding Creative Commons
Understanding the Open in OpenSource ActivityUnit Test With GoogleTest ActivityUpperLevel HFOSS Course, CNU, Lambert
Ushahidi 2013-01-13Ushahidi 2013-06-13Ushahidi Android Application
Ushahidi Assignment Linear SearchUshahidi CS2 Exercise TemplateUshahidi Installation Instructions
Using Open APIs In Mobile Apps ActivityVoting Program ActivityWhat students learned about open source
Why Use Version ControlWiki To DoWork Locally with Git from the Command Line (Activity)
Working With Cloned ModuleWrite a Bug Report (Activity)Wurst (Proposal)
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