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Process Skills are skills that are used broadly in the process of work, as opposed to skills that are domain or problem specific. The POGIL Project uses the following process skills: Assessment, Communication, Critical Thinking, Information Processing, Management, Problem Solving, and Teamwork.

Process Skills

  • Assessment (Self & Peer) is a Process Skill for gathering information and reflecting on experiences to improve subsequent learning & performance, and includes Metacognition.
  • Communication is a Process Skill for exchanging information and understanding, and includes Oral Communication and Written Communication.
  • Critical Thinking is a Process Skill for analyzing, evaluating, or synthesizing relevant information to form an argument or reach a conclusion supported by evidence.
  • Information Processing is a Process Skill for evaluating, interpreting, manipulating, or transforming information.
  • Management is a Process Skill for planning, organizing, directing, and coordinating one's own and others' efforts to accomplish a goal.
  • Problem Solving is a Process Skill for identifying, planning, and executing a strategy that goes beyond routine action to find a solution to a situation or question.
  • Teamwork is a Process Skill for interacting with others and building on each others' individual strengths and skills, working toward a common goal.


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