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The contributor will: test the installation instructions for the user environment, and provide feedback. The contribution is: feedback to the community on success, problems that arise, and possible improvements.


Area The contributor must be able to:
Software Configuration
  • Manage and modify directories and files on the installation system.
  • Download and extract software.

Pathway Steps, Outcomes, & Learning Activities

Follow the project’s policies and practices to complete the steps below.

Pathway Step Step Outcome Process Skills Focus Related Learning Activities
1. Locate instructions to download and install the project (e.g. on the project’s website).
Exception: If contributor cannot find the instructions, ask community for help.
Note: Installation instructions may be contained in the download.
Information about download located or request for help communicated.
2. Verify that system requirements match an available system environment.
Exception: If contributor cannot find a match and/or cannot gain access to a suitable environment, ask the community if it would be possible to support your environment.
Match verified or a request posted asking for support for your environment.
3. Download the project Project downloaded
4. Locate the installation instructions (may be non-trivial as these may be in the README file or elsewhere)
Exception: If contributor cannot find the installation instructions, ask community for help.
Installation instructions located or request for help communicated.
5. Install the project following instructions for installation and configuration
i. Keep notes of any instructions that are confusing or appear to be incorrect
ii. Check whether any error messages were reported during the installation
Installation steps completed
6. Run the program and try basic functions to verify correct installation (verify that it is working)
Exception: If installation instructions cannot be followed in such a way to get environment working, report back to issue tracker
Installation verified as working
7. Submit any corrections in the instructions and/or suggestions for improvement to the community (likely on issue tracker)
i. Identify how to submit corrections and to whom corrections should be submitted
Report to community

Notes for Learning Activities Related to this Pathway

When creating activities:

  1. Instructors may want to contact the community to find out how to submit updates to the install instructions as they may not be under version control.

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