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The only real pre-requisite in the third bullet under "Issue Tracker" is the ability to "read and understand the accompanying materials about an issue in a tracker".

Research Bug Activity added under Related Learning Activities for "2. Study the issue details, and identify aspect(s) that could be improved." but would need to be generalized. (Right now, it focuses on closed/fixed issues from Gnome's bugzilla, but could be modified to work with open issues from any project.)

"4. If you get stuck..." does not have an existing learning activity that maps well to it. However, we can imagine developing an activity which provides guidance in how to problem solve/seek information in an open source environment. Relevant questions:

  • Where do I go first to ask for help? What about after that?
  • What is the role of IRC conversation in information-seeking?
  • What information do I need to include in my query? (Dev environment? Step at which issue was encountered?)

Write a Bug Report (Activity) added under Related Learning Activities for "5. Update the issue tracker...", but really it is Part 3 of this activity that is relevant. (Other Parts of the activity overlap with tasks that have already been accomplished or are part of a separate pathway - for example, the Create a Tracker Issue pathway.)

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