Course Materials Sprint 2018

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| Evaluation Plan and Tools - review and update
| Evaluation Plan and Tools - review and update
* Materials Review (rest of afternoon)
* Materials Review (rest of afternoon)
* Discuss publication options
* Wrap-up and planning for day 2
* Wrap-up and planning for day 2

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Course Materials Sprint

Nassau Community College

June 3-5, 2018

Overview: The overall goal of this project is to make a group of complete courses available to other faculty. This course sprint is part of that effort, and our intention is to emphasize activities that are more difficult to achieve when we are working individually.


  1. Review, critique, and improve syllabi for each course with particular focus on learning outcomes, course topics, and approach to learning
  2. Review, critique and improve selected materials from each course (lectures, learning activities, assessments, etc)
  3. Review and improve structure for packaging and disseminating each course
  4. Review and improve approaches to learning evaluation
  5. Discuss potential for publication of results across institutions


  1. Provide basic information about your course so that we can see how the set of courses relate to each other. You can do this by completing the template here
  2. Make syllabus and materials available - We would like to have shared access to the current version of everyone’s course. We’ll figure out the best platform for that once we have the basic information about all the courses requested above.
  3. Be prepared to provide a 25-30 minute guided tour of your course
  4. Have to have at least a draft syllabus


Time Activity
Monday, June 4, 2018
8:45 AM Arrive at Nassau Community College - building CCB, room 210
9:00 AM Introductions/Orientation
9:30 AM Introduction to Existing Courses
  • Brief overview by those who have run or are developing a course
  • Presentation of syllabi
  • Discussion of learning materials selection
  • Observations on the course
10:30 AM Break
10:45 Introduction to Existing Courses - cont.
12:00 NOON Lunch
1:00 PM Brief overview of 2-3 key learning activities for course
  • Provide one that works well and one or two that need improvement or need to be developed
  • These could be materials already developed or activities that are needed
  • Those who are still developing courses can present 2-3 activities that need to be developed
1:45 PM In pairs or threes critique and/or develop materials identified above
3:00 PM Report out
3:15 PM Break
3:30 PM Decide on dissemination approach
  • Presentation of proposed structure (Greg/Heidi)
  • Review current structure for courses on TeachingOpenSource and foss2serve
  • Discussion/revision
4:30 PM Evaluation Plan and Tools - review and update
  • Materials Review (rest of afternoon)
  • Discuss publication options
  • Wrap-up and planning for day 2
6:00 PM Dinner at local restaurant
Tuesday, June 5, 2018
 ? Breakfast on your own
9:00 AM Packaging and Dissemination Discussion
10:30 AM Break
10:45 AM Packaging and Dissemination Discussion/Implementation
12:00 NOON Lunch - Discuss what sort of support would be helpful during the course - how can TOS community help?
1:00 PM Continue disucssion
2:00 PM Plan steps going forward
3:00 PM Wrap Up
3:30 PM Adjourn


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