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Page Usable? Materials / Notes
g:about Y Pretty much everything. This is the general about page.
start Y The Intro page. Can be migrated as-is
s:humitprojects N Just a list of the projects HumIT was involved with and links to relevant pages
s:openmrsinstallation M Dcoumentation installing OpenMRS. May or may not be outdated, but there are no parallels on Foss2serve
s:installopenmrs M Installation instructions and notes on installing OpenMRS. See Previous
s:omrsnotes N General preliminary notes and key links for OpenMRS project. To be useful for a generalized purpose it would have to be updated.
s:tomcaterror N A esolved error report
g:gardening N General and unfinished notes on editing the wiki, moving it, naming conventions, etc.
playground:playground N One link to a test page
playground:testpage N A wiki testing page with two words
s:cellprofiercommunication M This page contains info on the CellProfiler Project. It lists some version history of the project and has some dead links. It may be useful to write a sentence or two in memoriam.
s:cellprofierhelppages N A page with some dead links to Cell Profiler Project pages + wiki M This page contains some info that may be useful in documenting the CellProfiler project (what t was about, components, etc). It contains (potential?) student projects related.
s:communicationmechanisms M This page contains some info and notes on OpenMRS communications. It could use some updating / integration into a current foss2serve project investigating FOSS communication.
s:configguide N Just a note saying that configuring OpwnMRS can take some time
s:gnomecommunication N This page contains some (old) info on communications related to the A11y project and other Gnome communications. (Some dead links)Largely replaced by the IRC activities on Foss2serve
s:installguide N Even more installation instructions on OpenMRS (for Ubuntu 10.04 and Gnome 32-bit)
s:investigations N contains only Links to two other pages documented below
s:itcontributions M This page is a list of contributions students could make to the OpenMRS project. Interesting concept, probably nothing to transfer over
s:itservices N This page is a statement about key services that FOSS projects engage in, specifically IT support. It points to an IT support activity
s:itsupportmechanisms M (this is the activity pointed to in the previous item) This is an activity involving investigating IT support for a FOSS project. It probably isn't enough as-is, but could be fleshed out to provide another activity for Students or others interested in FOSS/HFOSS.
s:lbrown N Personal page recording work done
s:lhotchkiss N Another personal page recording work done
s:meetingnotes N Notes on Meetings between wiki contributors
s:msproul N Another personal page recording work done
s:studentlogs N A central page referencing the student work logs. (seen above)
w:ex1gr1 M This is an exercise (it apears incomplete) involving identifying 5 FOSS projects and investigating one of them, including identifying developers to contact. This part might be incorporated into an existing exercise
w:ex1gr2 N This page specifies categories of "learning outcomes" for potential exercises on HumIT and other such projects. If Foss2Serve wants to incorporate "learning outcomes" into its structure / exercies, then this may be a decent starting point, otherwise not helpful.
w:ex1gr3 N This a barebones activity that has instructions for getting involved with the SPHINX sign-language project. This could be added to the [HFOSS_Projects] page
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