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Page Usable? Materials / Notes
g:about Y Pretty much everything. This is the general about page.
start Y The Intro page. Can be migrated as-is
s:humitprojects N Just a list of the projects HumIT was involved with and links to relevant pages
s:openmrsinstallation Hold Dcoumentation installing OpenMRS. May or may not be outdated, but there are no parallels on Foss2serve
s:installopenmrs Hold Installation instructions and notes on installing OpenMRS. See Previous
s:omrsnotes N General preliminary notes and key links for OpenMRS project. To be useful for a generalized purpose it would have to be updated.
s:tomcaterror N A esolved error report
g:gardening N General and unfinished notes on editing the wiki, moving it, naming conventions, etc.
playground:playground N One link to a test page
playground:testpage N A wiki testing page with two words
s:cellprofiercommunication Hold This page contains info on the CellProfiler Project. It lists some version history of the project and has some dead links. It may be useful to write a sentence or two in memoriam.
s:cellprofierhelppages Hold A page with some dead links to Cell Profiler Project pages + wiki
s:cellprofileritgoals Hold This page contains some info that may be useful in documenting the CellProfiler project (what it was about, components, etc). It contains (potential?) student projects related.
s:communicationmechanisms Hold This page contains some info and notes on OpenMRS communications. It could use some updating / integration into a current foss2serve project investigating FOSS communication.
s:configguide N Just a note saying that configuring OpwnMRS can take some time
s:gnomecommunication N This page contains some (old) info on communications related to the A11y project and other Gnome communications. (Some dead links)Largely replaced by the IRC activities on Foss2serve
s:installguide Hold Even more installation instructions on OpenMRS (for Ubuntu 10.04 and Gnome 32-bit)
s:investigations Hold contains only Links to two other pages documented below
s:itcontributions Hold This page is a list of contributions students could make to the OpenMRS project. Interesting concept, probably nothing to transfer over
s:itservices Hold This page is a statement about key services that FOSS projects engage in, specifically IT support. It points to an IT support activity
s:itsupportmechanisms Hold (this is the activity pointed to in the previous item) This is an activity involving investigating IT support for a FOSS project. It probably isn't enough as-is, but could be fleshed out to provide another activity for Students or others interested in FOSS/HFOSS.
s:lbrown N Personal page recording work done
s:lhotchkiss N Another personal page recording work done
s:meetingnotes N Notes on Meetings between wiki contributors
s:msproul N Another personal page recording work done
s:studentlogs N A central page referencing the student work logs. (seen above)
w:ex1gr1 Y This is an exercise (it apears incomplete) involving identifying 5 FOSS projects and investigating one of them, including identifying developers to contact. This part might be incorporated into an existing exercise
w:ex1gr2 Y This page specifies categories of "learning outcomes" for potential exercises on HumIT and other such projects. If Foss2Serve wants to incorporate "learning outcomes" into its structure / exercies, then this may be a decent starting point, otherwise not helpful.
w:ex1gr3 Y This a barebones activity that has instructions for getting involved with the SPHINX sign-language project. This could be added to the [HFOSS_Projects] page
w:ex2gr1 Y A pro/con list of different ways to get involved in FOSS. Primitive, and probably largely already on Foss2Serve
w:ex2gr2 Y A more in-depth version of a part of w:ex2gr1. It involves pro/cons for making and mapping specific learning activities to foss projects for different stakeholders. This could be used to augment aspects of existing learning activities, or the POSSE formula, in order to better explain the advantages
w:ex2gr3 Y A combination of a text version of the main graphic in w:ex2gr1 along with some extra elaboration (resources needed, roadblocks, specified learning activities, etc).
w:exercise1 Y A precursor the Foss2Serve learning activities and maybe even POSSE. It is the "generate learning activities" learning activity.
w:exercise2 Y A critical thinking assignment (appears to be primarily for professors) brainstorming why FOSS might be useful for different stakeholders in the educational process, and how to go about implementing it (roadblocks, resources, etc)
w:materials Y This page contains links to four powerpoint projects one a presentation about the teaching foss/hfoss model, appears to have been given at some conference or some such.
w:schedule Y A schedule for some conference
w:workshop Y An overview page with links to the different exercises
w:workshopcfp Y Text for a flyer, likely printed out and distributed, for a HumIT meeting / conference in 2011. Could be useful to help explain the HumIT project
sidebar / wiki:dokuwiki / wiki:syntax N General pages either about dokuwiki (syntax, dokuwiki format, etc) and the sidebar page with links to important pages.
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