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IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a discussion tool used by HFOSS communities. For a reference on IRC basics, see


IRC Meeting 3 has the following goals:

  • Discuss progress
  • Discuss the results of B.4 and C.3 (FOSS in Courses Planning I and II) and answer any questions
    • These will be used as a base for activities in Stage 2 so more detail is better
  • Sign up for Stage 2 groups here
    • Join one project and one or more courses
  • Enter your arrival and departure times on this titanpad
  • Please make sure to arrive at Stage 2 with Git installed on your laptop and having completed C.3.

To Join




/join #foss2serve

As with previous IRC meetings, we'll have several of the POSSE team members to facilitate. We've asked people to sign up for different times to accommodate schedules, but also so that everyone will get to talk some without the conversation getting too confusing.


  • The IRC meetings will be recorded and processed by a MeetBot.
  • The meeting logs and summaries will be at under the date of the meeting.
  • They will also be on the wiki page for the individual POSSE.
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