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Questions for A11y Community

  • Do we need to implement focus on forehead or elsehwere? What parts of the body (pen??) should MouseTrap track?
  • How to account for spasticity -- should this be a priority or worked on down the road?
  • There are a number of features in Mousetrap that never worked in the first place, but intended for future development (finger-tracking, plug-in architecture), should those be preserved, or scrapped?
  • Interface -- should it be simple, or full-featured? Should it simply be a program that moves the mouse with head movements, and leave the other features to other applications (Dasher and built-in on-screen keyboard and so forth)?
  • How is MouseTrap included in GNOME 3? Is there an “Accessibility Suite”?
  • Does MouseTrap need to interact with any other applications? For instance, does it need to throw events for Orca?
  • Is there a specific group of users with disabilities for which MouseTrap is intended?
  • How much movement of the head is required for the cursor to move?
  • What user actions should initiate and end the drag and drop capabilities?
  • Should there be other user actions (beyond open and close mouth) for mouse click?


Use Cases

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