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Title OpenMRS Architecture case study
Overview In this activity students use OpenMRS Architecture as a case study to identify the architecture pattern used and study the components of web architecture.
Prerequisite Knowledge Design and architecture
Learning Objectives
  • To identify the architectural pattern used for a given system
  • To get exposed to web applications by studying their architectures
  • To differentiate between server side technologies and client side technologies
  • To use software architecture as a starting point to approach an open source project


Open-MRS is an open source electronic medical record system (EMR) originally designed for developing countries. Go the open MRS website and . The architectural design of the Open MRS system is described in these pages.


Study the architectural diagram and answer the following questions:

  1. What architecture style is used in Open-MRS architecture? Justify your answer.

(Grading criteria: your answer should explain how the Open-MRS architecture satisfies the constraints and rules for the chosen architecture style)

  1. What technologies are used on the client side?
  2. What technologies are used on the server-side?
  3. What is Spring? (use Google to answer. Include your reference)
  4. What is Hibernate? (use Google to answer. Include your reference)
  5. What language is used for server-side programming in OpenMRS?


  • A report including answers

Notes for Instructors


Criteria Level 1 (fail) Level 2 (pass) Level 3 (good) Level 4 (exceptional)
Understands what is a Open API and how is different that open source Little to no understanding shown; Answers are made up or unrelated; Didn't read material Limited understanding, showing that they read some, but did not dig very deep Showed that they have done the readings with limited understanding Clearly explain the answer to each question with supporting examples
Testing FEMA APIs No testing Testing with bad results Testing with good results Testing multiple APIs with the correct result
Create an Android App that retrieves data from a REST API Did not attempt to create the App App retrieves data but data is not parsed App retrieves data and parses the json data App retrieves data, parses data and displays data
An interactive interface is develped to display data Did not attempt to create an interface Create a limited interface for the app Create a complete inteface displaying all retrieved data Create an efficient interface with the ability to search/filter the data


Android Development, JSON data model

Additional Information

ACM Knowledge Area/Knowledge Unit [1]
ACM Topic Software Engineering
Level of Difficulty Medium- Challenging
Estimated Time to Completion 2 hours
Materials/Environment Internet access
Author Ruby ElKharboutly
Source Ruby ElKharboutly
License Creative Commons CC-BY

Suggestions for the Open Source Project

Suggestions for an open source community member who is working in conjunction with the instructor.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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