Open Source Software Development Fall 2018, Hunter College, Stewart Weiss

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Course Open Source Software Development,
Institution Hunter College, CUNY, New York City
Instructor(s) Stewart Weiss, email:,
Term Fall 2018
Course Overview An elective course for students who want to learn how to contribute to open source software projects
Course Length 15-week term
Student Characteristics mostly upper juniors and seniors, small size classroom (holds 20)
Prerequisites A data structures course
Infrastructure Held in a conference room with each student bringing a laptop

Learning Objectives

  • the student will become a contributing member of a software development community and have documented evidence of their contribution; and
  • the student will document their efforts on this project by creating a blog that chronicles their work.

Assessment Methods

  • contributions (30%) such as pull requests that have been accepted, or those that were not accepted but, deserve to be treated as if they were accepted;
  • homework (30%) submitted in response to assignments that I post on the website or distribute in class;
  • participation (40%) including attending meetings, completing the weekly blog posts, and oral presentations made to the group

Course Outline

Notes to Instructor

  • Tips, suggestions, lessons learned (warnings)...

Moving Forward

  • what next steps are desirable or possible for this course

For this blank format: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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