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===Additional Information===
===Additional Information===
* [[POSSE_20130602 | The next POSSE]]
* [[POSSE_2013-06 | POSSE 2013-06 ]]
* [[POSSE_Overview]]
* [[POSSE_Overview |POSSE Overview]]
[[Category: POSSE ]]
[[Category: POSSE ]]

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Professional Development for Instructors Interested in Student Participation in Free and Open Source Software


What is POSSE?

POSSE began as an outreach effort by Red Hat, Inc. to the higher education community. The goal was to help instructors learn about free and open source software (FOSS) so that they could incorporate FOSS into their courses. A description of the first POSSE workshops is contained here

The first workshops were held in summer, so POSSE was adopted to stand for: Professor's Open Source Summer Experience.

Later workshops have been held in other seasons, so POSSE is also sometimes referred to as: Professor's Open Source Software Experience.

What is HFOSS?

HFOSS stands for Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software. It is an acronym used to refer to the large and growing collection of open source projects that have some social benefit as their primary reason for existence. This includes projects that seek to address aspects of healthcare, disaster management, accessibility assistance, economic development, education, and other areas of social need.

A growing group of faculty are exploring the learning and motivational potential of student participation in HFOSS projects.

POSSE and HFOSS Together

The POSSE workshops organized on this site combine the initial POSSE work with the focus on HFOSS. The effort is a collaboration between Red Hat, Inc. and faculty interested in HFOSS. The approach to POSSE has been revised and extended to create a more complete path for instructors. This iteration is also benefiting from NSF support.

Additional Information

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