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Possible Items to Submit

Title Type of Evvent Author(s)/Organizers General Idea Left to be done Deadline
Vertical Teaming within HFOSS Projects Full-day event the day before SIGCSE Greg Teams of instructors are leading students into participation in HFOSS projects. These students are using learning from the professional community. This is an example of vertical teaming upwards from college. The workshop would be invitation only and could include some support for previous Inspire-CT participants such as Darci, Lori, Heidi, Stoney. Also HFOSS mentors including Joanie, and others using HFOSS in education such as Revi, Michael, etc. GH contact the SIGCSE Pre-Conference Events Liaison ( Mary Anne Egan, Siena College September 6, 2013
Teaching Open Source TOS BoF  ?? Need an OpenFE volunteer Host a BoF focusing for the TOS community. Foss2serve community attendance would interject a strong HFOSS flavor. Need OpenFE team member to organize October 28th, 2013
Student Contributions to Society Panel Heidi, Greg Michael Brennan (from POSSE), Revi Sterling (ATLAS), someone from Georgia Tech's Computing for Social Good, Heidi?/Joanie? Write up the panel, invite participants. September 6, 2013
Preparing for Student Participation in HFOSS Projects - Tools and Techniques Regular SIGCSE Workshop OpenFE and POSSE alumni? Host a 3-hour workshop that covers some of Stage A of POSSE. Goal is to encourage participants for the 2014 POSSE. Need OpenFE member to write up workshop. There is a similar workshop being offered at CCSC-E and SIGITE. Ask Heidi for copies. September 6, 2013
Approaches to using HFOSS in classes Panel Possible participants are active POSSE alum, Cam, and contacts from HFOSS groups like OpenMRS and Ushahidi. This would be a panel of POSSE alums who would talk about how they are planning on using HFOSS in the classroom. It may be that the "planning" stage would be too early, but might be worth a try. OpenFE team member to spearhead the effort. Contact POSSE alums and organize. September 6, 2013
Various Poster All OpenFE and POSSE alum. There were lots of ideas generated during POSSE and many folks are planning for HFOSS in the classroom. Some of these ideas could be a basis for a poster. For instance, the GNOME Outreach for Professors and having an institution maintain that HFOSS project would be a great idea (hint: Stoney). And there are lots of other ideas. Posters have a September 25th Write up a proposal. October 28th, 2013
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