SIGCSE 2020 POSSE Roundup

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! Wednesday February 27, 2019
! Wednesday March 11, 2020

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March 11, 2020 - Portland, OR


Meeting Location


See SIGCSE 2020 for general information about the location.


Time Activity Facilitators
Wednesday March 11, 2020
8:30 AM


  • Introductions
  • Plan for the day
Heidi, Greg
9:00 AM Overview
  • HFOSS Kits
  • HFOSS Learning Projects
Cam, Heidi, Stoney, Greg
10:00 AM Break All
10:30 AM Breakout: HFOSS Kits
  • Learning outcomes and activities
  • Target HFOSS projects
11:50 Lunch talk topic: HFOSS education and CSG
  • Is Computing for Social Good (CSG) well-established at your institution?
  • Can HFOSS help with development of professional responsibility among computing students?
  • Is there concern about HFOSS or CSG being deemed "political" or otherwise out of bounds in your program?
12:00 Lunch - Hyatt Prairie Kitchen & Bar [1] All
1:30 PM HFOSS Learning Projects Grant, Steve, Wes, Stoney, Allen
3:00 PM Break All
3:30 PM Breakout: HFOSS Learning Projects All
4:45 PM Wrap-up
  • Opportunities for HFOSS participation
Greg, Lori
5:45 PM Dinner - The Local - 931 Nicollet Mall [2] All

Information for Attendees

To Register

This POSSE Roundup is a workshop for instructors who have previously attended POSSE, or who have open source experience including contributing to an open source project. If you would like to register, please email Lori Postner at or Greg Hislop at If you are not a POSSE alum, please provide a short summary of your experience with open source, including contributions to FOSS projects.

NOTE: seating is limited, so please do not assume you are attending before receiving a confirmation from us.

Meeting Minutes

We expect that most attendees will be staying for SIGCSE. For those needing to arrive on Tuesday to attend the POSSE roundup on Wednesday, we can provide support for the extra hotel night for a limited number of attendees. Please let us know ASAP if you are interested in this support.

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