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[[Category:Work In Progress]]
[[Category:Work in Progress]]

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Course Software Development
Institution Western New England University
Instructor(s) Stoney Jackson -
Term In planning
Course Overview Participants will learn modern tools and practices to design and develop large systems in teams such as integrated development environments, build systems, testing, version control, and issue tracking.
Course Length 15-week semester
Student Characteristics 10-30 students. Computer science majors. Students have had data structures.
Prerequisites Fundamentals of programming (imperative, procedural, and object-oriented constructs). Some additional experience writing programs beyond first programming class (e.g., a data structures course).
Infrastructure A computer for each student, Internet access, presentation equipment

Learning Objectives

Methods of Assessment

Course Outline


  • Pair Programming
  • Version Control
    • Workflows
    • Release management
  • Testing
    • Static Testing (e.g., code reviews)
    • Dynamic Testing
      • "xUnit" frameworks
      • Unit/Integration/Functional Testing
      • Test-driven development
    • Continuous integration/testing/deployment
  • Build Systems (e.g., make, ant, maven)
  • Program Organization
  • Communication and Coordination Tools
    • IRC
    • Blogs
    • Issue Tracker
    • Road map
    • Mailing Lists
  • Licensing

Notes to Instructor

Moving Forward

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