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Planning for HFOSS Participation

Workshop Participants: Chris, Shamsi, Barrett, Kiran, Steve, Ruby, Darci

May 2014 POSSE notes

Planning Stage 3 Activities


1:00PM EST on the 2nd Friday of the month via IRC using the foss2serve channel

Meeting Logs

December 12, 2014 1pm IRC Meeting -- Complete Meeting Log - Meeting Minutes

January 16, 2015 1pm IRC Meeting -- Complete Meeting Log - Meeting Minutes

March 13, 2015 1pm IRC Meeting -- Complete Meeting Log - Meeting Minutes

Next Meeting Scheduled for April 10 -- 1PM via IRC


/join #foss2serve

Please answer each of the following questions as it relates to your activity.

1. Identify the course(s) the activity would be appropriate for.

We are focusing on the Android app for OpenMRS (OpenMRS Client)

2. Briefly describe the activity.

Expose student to the OpenMRS Android client and have them reverse engineer the design of the module.

3. How much time do you expect the HFOSS activity to take (# classes, # homework assignments, # lab activities, etc.)? Will the activity be completed in class or out of class?

3 class meetings to start. (75 minute classes) plus a homework assignment (and it that produces a good artifact, the design, then students have to interact with the community to get it accepted).
Followup in-class activity to create a single high-quality design document that incorporates all of their designs and can be contributed back.

4. How does this activity relate to course goals/objectives?

Creating a design is a course objective.
They learn to evaluate a design based on standards for design.

5. What will students submit upon completion of the activity?

This will include the architecture, UML of the structure (class diagrams). Also analysis of design-related concepts: coupling, cohesion. Perhaps identifying design patterns.

6. How will you assess the submission?

Correct notation
Use of UML tools

7. List any question or concerns you have about implementing your activity.

Prerequisite knowledge (Android).
There are a variety of code-to-UML tools available; how do we know students won't use them?

8. What type of support will you need to implement your activity?

Some android devices. And we will probably tap into The Community.

Activity Template

Reverse Engineering Activity (Android App)

Specific Tasks

Darci has some homework to introduce OSS, for CS2 students, field trips to OSS sites.

Kiran has a group that meets weekly, see pointer below.

suggestion: take Darci's first activity (intro to and modify it for ourselves (and bring back to the group).

problem: we are already out of sync. And once work is done and posted, it's hard to repeat. But Chris will do it first off line, so ... we can repeat it later. And we can do different modules.


Getting started as a developer:

OpenMRS code review guide:

Android Client page, complete with developer contact info:

Codebase :

Jira bugs:

University Call where you can get more information about OpenMRS from core developers:

Use: to create/collaborate on assignments

OpenMRS 2.x Android Client wiki page:

Alternative Android virtual devices:

Local simulator:
Cloud simulator:

Setup Guide and Issues

Installing OpenMRS android app in Eclipse 1- Download/fork a copy from git 2-Make sure you are using Android API 19 release 3- Use 1.6 JDK

Fixing the emulator hardware error :

OpenMRS Android app troubleshooting guide

Symptom: cannot find appcompat.jar and/or gridlayout.jar and/or odk.collect.jar Solution: for DashboardActivity, open up "Properties" then "Android"; in the Library panel, remove the libraries that have a red X next to them; then click Add and add the appcompat, gridlayout, and/or odk.collect properties (you need all three)

Symptoms: Eclipse complains that it cannot build the DashboardActivity app ("could not initialize class"), and code cannot resolve class R Solution: revert from JDK 1.7 back to 1.6; I had to actually uninstall 1.7, not just use 1.6 in this project

Symptom: NullPointerException in OpenMRS.onCreate Solution: make sure AVD has an SD card (I set mine to 1024MB)

Symptom: tests will not compile; org.openmrs.client.utilities.DateUtils not found Solution: add DashboardActivity project to build path

Running the OpenMRS Android app:

When prompted for URL, enter:

Username: admin Password: Admin123


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