Test Driven Development

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Examples of OSS projects that use TDD

Best examples

  • https://github.com/unclebob/fitnesse
    • Written by one of the Agile Manifesto co-authors
    • Very clean code, tests in /test directory
    • Not as well known, but might be easier for students to understand

Weaker examples

TDD "Lessons"

  • http://www.codeaffine.com/2014/08/12/junit-in-a-nutshell-hello-world/
    • A superbly written step-by-step walk through of creating a test and then creating the associated functional code
    • It uses JUnit, which is an open source technology - but it uses a helloworld example - not sure if we want this or more of an integration with an existing oss project
    • Unknown copyright beyond a ©
  • https://github.com/orfjackal/tdd-tetris-tutorial
    • Tetris based TDD
    • It gives you test cases, already written, and you code to satisfy the tests
    • License says "You may use and modify this material freely for personal non-commercial use. This material may NOT be used as course material without prior written agreement."

Background reading

Ideas and research


  • Idea 1: Find a project that already has a testing harness and associated tests; learn it, and add a new unit test
  • Idea 2: Create a test harness to make, build, and run unit tests on an existing open source project
    • Jim Bowring has done this in the past, though it seems they are lengthy projects vs a shorter activity; Do we want to create a “project”-oriented LA?
  • Idea 3: Use an existing JUnit exercise / tutorial to teach a simple TDD test first, code after scenario
  • Teach the “mental discipline” of testing
  • How can we test a Requirement?
    • Ensuring testing starts at user requirement gathering
    • Iterating through tests once code has been written, helps to improve the tests
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