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Krish Narayanan

Krish Narayanan is a professor in the Department of Computer Science at Eastern Michigan University. She also serves as the undergraduate advisor in the department, a faculty fellow in the Honors College, and the faculty advisor for Women in CS club. She teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses, ranging from Intro to Programming to Advanced Database Systems. Her teaching and research interests are in the areas of databases and software engineering, with a focus on design. She has been actively involved in CS education over the past few years.

In her spare time, she teaches computer science to kids, especially middle and high school girls (Girls in Computing). She has been an avid Science Olympiad coach/supervisor for many years. She runs an event called iCompute for an elementary science olympiad. She has coached a few Girls in Computing teams to compete at the EMU High School Programming competition.

POSSE Workshop Stage 1 Activities

Part A

1. How do people interact?

  Just like other IM interactions.

2. What is the pattern of communication?

  People in the chat room can communicate with all or with individual users. They can also issue IRC commands like /help.

3. Are there any terms that seem to have special meaning?

  Any text prefixed with # is a MeetBot command.

4. What advantages might IRC have over other real-time communication methods (like Google Chat or Facebook Messenger?) Are there potential disadvantages?

  Looks and feels techie! MeetBot and other services are a plus.

5. Can you make any other observations?

  The MeetBot summarizes the meeting pretty well. I understand that it is more work for the meeting chair but it is worth the

6. Bonus question: Why didn't Heidi and Darci's actions get picked up by the meetbot?

  A username is case-sensitive. The MeetBot looks for usernames in interactions for action assignments.

Part B

Part C

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