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Natural gardens require ongoing care to stay healthy - people must water and fertilize, add new plants, prune wanted plants, remove unwanted plants, etc. Similarly, a community wiki requires ongoing care to stay healthy and useful - people must add new content, updated or remove old content, etc. This page lists things to do for the foss2serve wiki. Some are specific tasks that can be done once and removed from the list. Some are ongoing tasks that should be done regularly and kept on the list.

Specific Tasks

Ongoing Tasks - Content

Ongoing Tasks - Maintenance

  • Use Special:SpecialPages to identify potential problems.
    • Check and fix problems with redirects, where one page links to another. Redirects enable multiple names to work when a page is renamed, or when there are several logical names for a page, but too many redirects can be confusing. Thus, when a page is renamed, it may be better in the long run to rename all links to it; use nowiki>Special:WhatLinksHere</nowiki> to find links to a page.
      • Check and fix Special:BrokenRedirects, which are redirects to pages that don't exist. This can happen when a page is renamed several times (e.g. Name1-->Name2-->Name3), and an intermediate name (e.g. Name2) is deleted. The prior name (e.g. Name1) is now a broken redirect.
      • Check and fix Special:DoubleRedirects, which are chains of 2 (or more) redirects (e.g. Name1-->Name2-->Name3). If both are needed, it might be better to have 2 separate redirects (e.g. Name1-->Name3 and Name2-->Name3).
    • Check Special:WantedCategories, Special:WantedPages, and Special:WantedTemplates, which are items that don't exist but are referenced with links. These may be opportunities to expand the wiki. They may also be misstyped names.
    • Check Special:OrphanedPages, which are pages that are not linked from other pages in the wiki. Orphans may be difficult for people to find without other navigation tools (e.g. categories).
    • Check Special:DeadendPages, which are pages that do not link to other pages in the wiki. Deadends may be opportunities to expand the wiki or link other content.
    • Check Special:UncategorizedCategories, Special:UncategorizedPages, and Special:UncategorizedTemplates, which may be more difficult to locate.
    • Check Special:UnusedCategories and Special:UnusedTemplates.
    • Check Special:LongPages, which might better be split into several smaller pages.
    • Check Special:ShortPages, which may be empty (or near-empty) stubs that should be expanded or removed.
    • Check Special:ProtectedPages, which are pages that some users cannot edit; normally wiki pages should be editable by any user.
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