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This page provides some "food for thought" questions related to the academic perspective on student participation in HFOSS projects. The goal in posing these questions is to help frame the workshop discussion.

  1. What value do you see in having students participate in HFOSS?
  2. What approaches have you tried to have students participate in HFOSS?
  3. What challenges have you encountered in HFOSS efforts?
    • Learning curve for yourself
    • Learning curve for students
    • Curriculum issues
    • Available learning materials
  4. What has been helpful or difficult about interacting with HFOSS projects?
    • Knowing what tasks to take on
    • Finding the right point of contact
    • Relating term schedules and project schedules
  5. What advice would you give HFOSS projects about working with students?
  6. How can foss2serve bridge the gap between education and HFOSS projects?
    • How can we make student participation work better for all concerned?
  7. What else?
    • What other aspects have we not considered?
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