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The Project

Evaluation Scoring

August 2017

Evaluation Factor Level
Evaluation Data
Licensing 2 AGPL-3.0
Language N/A
Level of Activity 2 Activity approximately 30 out of the last 52 weeks (from github)
Number of Contributors 2 There is a reasonable number of contributors, although the official team is only three people
Product Size 2 67.24 MB
Issue Tracker 2 The Asqatasun Bug Tracker has 42 open and 77 closed items, the most recent of which was opened within the last 2 weeks
New Contributor 1 The are some basic instructions for where to go for new contributors in the readme.
Community Norms 1 I cannot find stated community norms, but the communication appears professional (Admittedly, some of it is in French, so who knows)
User Base 1 The forum has some activity. There is no clearly stated downloads or community activity
Total Score (out of 16) 13
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