CCSCNE 2014 MouseTrap Hackfest

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MouseTrap Hackfest @ CCSCNE 2014

Hackfest sponsored by Red Hat. Please view the CCSCNE 2014 MouseTrap Hackfest Agenda for what we'll be doing in the hackfest.

  • Friday, April 25; 2:30 PM - midnight
  • Providence College, room TBD

Want to...

  • Help others through code?
  • Gain real-world development experience?
  • Become more familiar with an open-source project?
  • Move your mouse cursor with your head?

Then come to the MouseTrap Hackfest!


  • Food provided for registered participants (see registration instructions at the bottom)
  • Students and faculty are welcome
  • No experience required
  • Bring a laptop with the following:
    • Ethernet port (wireless will not be available; but a wired connection will be provided)
    • USB port (we will be booting from USB drives into a live image of Fedora 20.)
    • Webcam (MouseTrap allows users to control the mouse using a webcam... so, yeah :) )


  • Give participants a chance to integrate into a real open source project, MouseTrap
  • Grow the MouseTrap community


To meet these goals, members of the MouseTrap development community will help participants set up a development environment, introduce participants to common tools used to code and communicate, and help participants walk through a typical workflow to contribute to MouseTrap.

The format is not that of a lecture-based course; although demonstrations may be performed by facilitators as needed. Instead this will be an immersive experience with facilitators assisting participants. By the end of the hackfest, we hope that participants walk away with everything necessary to become contributors to the MouseTrap project.


MouseTrap is a standalone GNOME application that allows users with physical impairments to move a mouse cursor using a webcam. To learn more about MouseTrap visit [1].


include students currently involved in MouseTrap as well as:

  • Joanie Diggs, GNOME Accessibility Team
  • Heidi Ellis, MouseTrap Maintainer
  • Stoney Jackson, MouseTrap co-Maintainer
  • Karl Wurst, Open-Source Educator
  • Student members of the MouseTrap community

To register

First, you need to be registered for CCSCNE 2014. Second, please email Stoney Jackson <> the following by Friday 4/18/2014:

  • SUBJECT: Hackfest Registration
  • Your full name
  • Whether you are a student or faculty
  • A brief description of your experience working on open source projects (remember, no experience is required!)


What is a hackfest?

There are different definitions of hackfest (and/or hackathon, codefest, etc.). The essence of a hackfest is a bunch of programmers getting together to code with a common purpose. Some hackfests are competitions. Some are educational. Some are social events.

This hackfest is educational and social. The goal is to give participants a chance to immerse themselves into an open source project.

What programming language does the project use?

Python. But you don't need to know Python to participate in the hackfest!

  1. Much of what we'll be doing will not require knowledge of Python.
  2. There are many ways to contribute to open-source projects other than code (50-ways)
  3. It's an easy language that can be learned on the fly. And there will be many there that can help you.

Can students participate? Can faculty participate?

Yes and yes!

Can I come late? Can I leave early? Can I come, go, and come back again later?

Yes, yes, and yes!

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