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The contributor will: contribute code to implement a requested feature. The contribution is: code accepted into the project's codebase to implement a requested feature.


Area The contributor must be able to:
  • Code reasonably well in the languages required for the task.
  • Correctly use a command-line interface.
  • Correctly use the basics of version control including branching and merging.
  • Create a correct patch or pull request.
  • Complete a yet-to-be-determined pathway that does not yet exist.
Software Configuration
Issue Tracker
  • Describe issue trackers and how they are used.
  • Access the issue tracker with appropriate permissions.
  • Read, create, and update issues in a tracker.
  • Complete the Update a Tracker Issue pathway.
  • Contact community members for help and identify the person responsible for committing changes.
  • Describe community policy on testing and submitting patches/code, understand issue solving/triaging process.
  • Participate in a community which is open to code contributions.
  • Time a contribution within the project's release cycle.
  • Complete a yet-to-be-determined pathway that does not yet exist.

Pathway Steps, Outcomes, & Learning Activities

Follow the project’s policies and practices to complete the steps below.

Pathway Step Step Outcome Process Skills Focus Related Learning Activities
1. Identify feature to be coded.
- explore tickets in feature tracker
- discuss with community
Feature identified.
2. Claim the ticket for the feature.
- create ticket if necessary.
Ticket for feature is claimed.
3. Implement feature. Code to implement feature is complete.
- Possibly: Test cases for feature are complete.
4. Submit changes to community. Code to implement the feature is accepted into the project’s codebase, or the feature is abandoned. Note: There may need to be several iterations of this process until resolution one way or another is reached.
5. Complete process to close ticket. Ticket for feature is closed either by the participant or by a maintainer.

Notes for Learning Activities Related to this Pathway

When creating activities:

  1. Identify reasonable features to be implemented. This can reduce student time searching for issues, and reduce the chances of choosing a feature that is too difficult or too easy.

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