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The contributor will: study and attempt to reproduce a bug in the issue tracker, and update the issue to indicate that the bug was verified or that more information is needed. The contribution is: more information about the bug, which could make it easier to fix.


Area The contributor must be able to:
Software Configuration
  • Download and install the development environment.
  • Run the program.
Issue Tracker
  • Describe the community guidelines for bug management and triage.

Pathway Steps, Outcomes, & Learning Activities

Follow the project’s policies and practices to complete the steps below.

Pathway Step Step Outcome Process Skills Focus Related Learning Activities
1. Select a bug. Bug identified

Bug Selection

Solving A Bug (incorrectly named)

2. Read the bug report on the issue tracker.
i. If there is enough information to reproduce the bug continue to step 2.
ii. Otherwise, use the issue tracker to ask the reporter for more information.
Exception: Couldn’t understand the report: ask the reporter for additional information using the issue tracker
Decision to proceed to the next step or a request for more information in the issue tracker.

Bug Gardening

Write a Bug Report (Activity)

3. Reproduce the bug
i. Run the program
ii. Follow the steps outlined in the bug report. If the steps cannot be followed, use the issue tracker to ask the reporter for clarification.
Exception: Procedure in bug report could not be followed: ask reporter for clarification using the issue tracker
iii. Observe the program’s behavior
Observation of program behavior or a request for more information in the issue tracker.

Reproduce a Bug Activity

4. Report results on the issue tracker Report posted to issue tracker.

Part of Reproduce a Bug Activity

Notes for Learning Activities Related to this Pathway

When creating activities:

  1. Use examples to demonstrate concepts to student.
  2. Use screen shots when possible.
  3. Prompt students to indicate the exact steps taken to replicate the bug.

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