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The Project

According to the CiviCRM site: "CiviCRM is an open source CRM built by a community of contributors and supporters"

Evaluation Factors

July 2017

Evaluation Factor Level
Evaluation Data
Licensing 2 Different parts of CiviCRM are under different Open-Source Licenses, incuding MIT and AGPL 3.0.
Language N/A CiviCRM can be found here, and includes PHP, Shell, JavaScript, Python, Perl, etc. and the core is Primarily PHP(78%) and Smarty(19.3%)
Level of Activity 2 CiviCRM has had commits every week in the last year [1]
Number of Contributors 2 CiviCRM has at least 10 people associated with the main project, and many, many more who have contributed
Product Size 1 CiviCRM has thousands of lines of code. The CiviCRM core is 145.49 MB large.
Issue Tracker 2 The CiviCRM issue tracker can be found here large issues may also be handled by a specified dev team. There are some 1,600 open issues and 19,000 closed.
New Contributor 2 CiviCRM has new involvement instructions here, an overview for new developers here, and a dev guide here.
Community Norms 2 CiviCRM has a page on values and vision here
User Base 2 CiviCRM has an active and large user base, claiming partnership with over 10,000 Non-profit organizations[2]. Q&A is here (questions being asked and answered within the last few hours) and
Total Score (out of 16) 15 CiviCRM is a well-supported and documented project with a professional development team, and financial incentives for active and helpful developers.
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