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Software Engineering Toolsets from OpenSource



The goal of these activities is to help students learn how to set up and develop software engineering toolsets for development process such as Agile Development, Resource Planning and Track Progress, and Project Management.

Target Venue

These series of activities are developed to help students learn how to conduct software engineering projects. These tools are mainly for Agile Backlog Product and Project Management activities including recurring tasks & task groups, time log, Gantt and burndown charts, and etc.

Target Student Audience

Upper division software engineering course for undergraduates or graduates in Computer Science.

Learning Activities

The learning activities will be in the form of cloning the project management tools as well as cloning two different software projects, one is learning management system and the other is an online store. The projects will have humanitarian scenarios such as online classroom support for low income students. Activities include: 1. Cloning the codebase of Agilefont

2. Cloning Orangescrum

3. Cloning and Customizing The NetBeans E-commerce tool, Alfabeans

4. Cloning and Customizing Moodle, the Learning Management System

5. Cloning 3 gnome modules epiphany, evolution, and gnome-chat


Pre and Post Surveys will be used to measure the effectiveness of the method.


Spring of 2016 and all deliverables will be submitted by end of May 2016.


Project Development of 5 new activities, data collection: $2.5K Supplement to the previous Conference Presentation fund: $1K

Contact Information

Mohsen Dorodchi

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