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This is the key for interpreting the Level values assigned for each evaluation factor. (Reproduced from Project_Evaluation_Rubric_(Activity))

  • Licensing - Score 2 if the product has a free software or open source software license. Score 0 for other licenses or if the license is missing
  • Language - Score 2 if the language is your most preferred choice. Score 1 for less preferred languages or if your preferred language is only a small part of the product. Score 0 if the language is not suitable for your needs
  • Level of Activity - Score 2 if you judge all the quarters in the last year as being active. Score 1 if some of the quarters in the last year have been active. Score 0 if there have been no active quarters in the last year.
  • Number of Contributors - Score 2 if there are 10 or more contributors. Score 1 if there are 3-10 contributors. Score 0 if there are only 1 or 2 contributors. Note that these numbers are based on the fact that most projects have only 1-2 contributors, and the score assumes you are interested in contributing to a larger, clearly established project. If you would prefer to work with a smaller, less well-established project then adjust your scoring to reflect that.
  • Size - Scoring for size depends on your objectives in contributing to a project. A project with little or no code should probably be scored 0. For projects that have an established code base, you might think about whether there is a "sweet spot" for code base size that you think would be ideal for your needs. If you can define that, then score projects in that range as 2. Score projects that are neither 0 or 2 as 1. If you don't know what size would be appropriate, then score anything over a reasonable minimum (suggestion: 10,000 lines) as 1.
  • Issue Tracker - Score 2 if issues are being actively added and resolved. Score 0 if there is no issue tracker or no sign of recent activity. Score 1 if there is activity but it is very low or sporadic.
  • New Contributor - Score 2 if there are clear instructions and welcome for new contributors (positive answers to at least 3 of the learning activity questions). Score 0 if there is little or no evidence of welcome or instructions for new contributors. Score 1 for anything in between.
  • Community Norms - Score 2 if there is a documented and easy to locate statement of community norms that is welcoming and inclusive. Score 0 if there is any evidence of rude, unprofessional, harassing or other undesirable behavior. Score 1 if there are no signs of poor behavior but there is no stated code of conduct.
  • User base - Score 2 if there clearly is an active and engaged user base. Score 0 if there is little or no evidence that the product is actually being used by anyone beyond the development team. Score 1 if there is some evidence of use but not much.
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