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This is the format for creating a proposal to develop learning activities related to student participation in HFOSS. To see examples of proposals, select Category under Navigation in the menu to the left, and then select the Proposal category.



<Provide a short description (a few sentences will do) of the what you intend to do.>

Target Venue

<Course catalog description for a course; short description for an out of class activity>

Target Student Audience

<Who typically takes this course? Majors or non-majors? Is this a required course? At what point in their studies do students take this course?>

Learning Activities

<Provide a general description of the activities you plan to develop. How many activities will there be? What types? (labs, homework assignments, projects, etc.) What outcomes do you expect? What specific products will you have to share at the end? (lab instructions, grading rubrics, homework assignments, etc.) Note: we only expect basic information at this point since the activities are not developed yet.>


<Please share any thoughts you have on how to evaluate effectiveness. We can work with you and provide basic survey instruments that are shared across sites.>


<What is the schedule you expect to follow for developing, piloting and evaluating, and sharing the materials?>


<Amount requested; maximum $3k>

Contact Information

<Name and email>

When creating a proposal, remove it from the Formats category.

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