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This page has the activities and assignments for a 10 week course (the 11th week is finals) on participation in a FOSS project.


Course HFOSS Course
Institution Western Oregon University
Instructor(s) Becka Morgan
Course Overview
Course Length
Student Characteristics

Lesson Plan

Week Assignment/Activity Homework
1 Intro to Class/(HF)OSS – Pre test evaluation The Cathedral and the Bazaar

OpenMRS Wiki:Read through the Welcome and Introduction to OpenMRS pages and links contained on each page

Intro to wiki**Focus on OpenMRS wiki
     Introduce yourself on  OpenMRS Talk
File:Intro to Wiki.docx
Intro to IRC
  • open the OpenMRS IRC
  • create an IRC channel in class and have students chat

Form teams /Set up team IRC channels and nicks/Determine group meeting schedule outside of class (via IRC, logs to be turned in)


Ted Talks

2 File:BlogAssignment.docx (Add a page to my Wiki and, using wiki markup, add a link to their blog) 14 Ways to Contribute to Open Source without Being a Programming Genius or a Rock Star

How to Contribute to Open Source Without Coding

FOSS field trip

Black Duck Open Hub - find projects of interest

BLOG (Ongoing Blog about experiences)

OpenMRS Chapters 5 and 6 Karl Fogel's chapter on bug trackers Wikipedia's page on Bug Tracking Systems

File:BugTrackerAssn.docx Watch videos about git

Video One Video Two Video Three Video Four Complete tutorial then take a screen shot of the last screen of the tutorial to turn in: TUTORIAL

3 Source Code Management/Control File:GitAssn.docx BLOG (Ongoing Blog about experiences)

OpenMRS Chapters 7 and 8

Wiki for OpenMRS read through:

Developer GuideTroubleshootingTechnical Road MapModulesDesignDocumentation Playground

Continue Reading

Developer GuideTroubleshootingTechnical Road MapModulesDesignDocumentation Playground

Catch up and Reflection Read all for contribute links:

http://openmrs.org/help/ OpenMRS Chapters 9

4 & 5 File:GettingStartedwithOpenMRS.docx

1. Set up openMRS dev environment on lab computers or lap tops 2. If using laptops duel boot Linux Mint

6 File:ModuleAssignment.docx

OpenMRS Chapter 11

OpenMRS Chapters 12 – 14 +Appendices
7 Testing Code

Generate a test plugin



File:DocumentationandTranslation.docx https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Different+Types+of+OpenMRS+Developers
8, 9, and 10 File:ContributionPath.docx
11 File:FinalWritingPrompts.docx
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