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Project Description

"Amara gives individuals, communities, and larger organizations the power to overcome accessibility and language barriers for online video. The tools are free and open source and make the work of subtitling and translating video simpler, more appealing, and, most of all, more collaborative."

Amara primarily provides Free and simple captioning software. They provide the capability for users to add captions to videos of multiple different types in an easy-to-learn way. They also host a number of videos on their site that their community has requested captions for, and that are in the process of acquiring captions (from other users) here.

Name License Language(s) Contributors Size Category Source
Amara AGPL-3.0 Python(~80%)

Javascript (~10%)

52 Contributors 341.82 MB Accessibility GitHub

Issue tracker

Open Items Closed Items
594 1382

Weeks with contributions in the last ear (52 weeks): 51

Important Community Notes

Amara is managed by the Participatory Culture Foundation, whose philosophy can be found here. They are a non-profit designed for usability and accessibility for users with disabilities.

New Contributor instructions

Amara has basic documentation and starting installation instructions in a pinned README here. They have full documentation here, which includes a developer's guide here. *Note: there are some holes in the documentation, or sparse sections. Amara has tagged some of their bugs as "bite-sized," recommending that new programmers and new contributors start there. (See: here).

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