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Recalling your list of activities/topics from FOSS in Courses 1 (Instructors), identify the ways that these FOSS activities/topics can be structured. Possibilities include: Lectures In-class activity Homework Stream of related activities Project

List the revised activities on your wiki page. For each activity/topic: Identify some possible learning outcomes that should be fulfilled with the activities/task. Describe any prerequisite knowledge needed to complete the activity. This does not need to be a complete list. Estimate the time required for instructor prep, for student completion and elapsed calendar time. Are you going to have to synchronize your activity with the community or can the activity/topic be covered independent of the HFOSS community schedule. Think about possible input required from the HFOSS community. How much input is required and what kind? If the result of the activity is contributed back to the HFOSS project, describe the contribution and its usefulness. Describe the assessment/grading approach - What will the basis for grading be? Will this be a team activity or individual? Is there a role for the HFOSS community in helping assess student work? For instance, must the work be committed or otherwise accepted by the community? List any questions or concerns that you have about the activity/task. List any stumbling blocks or barriers to carrying out the activity/task.

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