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SourceForge Educational Projects

SourceForge Search indicates there are 20462 projects for "education". As of Mid-November 2016, 15 different programming languages were used to write software in this category. At this time, the top four programming languages used to write programs in this category are Java (6,367), C++ (3,541), php (2,958) and JavaScript (1,566).

The following statuses project statuses can be found in SourceForge--they are listed on a project life continuum which seems self explanatory: Planning, Pre-Alpha, Alpha, Beta, Production/Stable, Mature, and Inactive. One can easily identify the most downloaded project, but determining the "most used" would require a different metric.

Moodle is a production/stable popular Course Management System (CMS) which is used by instructors, including myself, to post and collect assignments as well as to return feedback to students. Moodle is an production/stable project written in php which was last updated one day ago. New Moodle releases are typically done every two months or so. Moodle has four project administrators and some number of volunteer committers.

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