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This is a catalog of Materials

  • Status should be Under Development, Ready to Pilot, Ready to Use
Title Description Category Level Status Author Version
Intro to Bug Trackers (Activity) Learners will gain an understanding of the features of bug trackers and how they are used to identify work items to be completed in a FOSS project. Bug Tracker Introductory  ?  ? 1.0
Intro to IRC (Activity) Learners will gain a basic understanding of IRC (Internet Relay Chat) as well as the role that IRC plays in open source software development. Participants will learn about IRC etiquette and explore the interactions that occur between members of an open source community. Communication Tools Introductory  ?  ? 1.0
Git: Git Intro Activity Learner will get started with Git by working on a remote repository shared by other workshop learners. Version Control  ?  ?  ? 1.0
Collaborium A place to share artifacts for educators. Share  ?  ?  ? 1.0
OpenMRS Design Reverse Engineering Activity (Android App) Expose student to the OpenMRS Android client and have them reverse engineer the design of the module. Learning Activity Intermediate Under Development Darci Burdge, Steven P. Crain, Ruby ElKharboutly, Barrett Koster, Shamsi Moussavi, Chris Murphy 1.0
FOSS Politics Writing Activity This activity helps student investigate politics within the open-source community. Use and Evaluate Intermediate to Advanced Ready to Use Robert Duvall, Stoney Jackson, Joanna Klukowska, Edward Mirielli 1.0
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