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Here are notes on the FOSS Field Trip Activity:

Part 1: GitHub

  • There are currently 15,886 repositories returned by searching on "education" (this obviously is a moving target)
  • There are 332 repositories returned by searching on "humanitarian". Note: you don't need to go back to the main page to search on this.
  • The last commit on crisischecking was on April 22, 2017
  • There are currently 174 repositories returned by searching on "disaster management"

Part 2: OpenHub

  • There are 225 pages of results. The last page has 8 results, so this is 224 * 10 + 8 = 2248.
  • The KDE Education code is not on GitHub, but maybe it should be -- the update status failed 3 months ago on many of the repository URLs listed for the project.
  • 10 projects similar to KDE Education are listed
  • Open Hub provides info on the license, vulnerabilities, repo activity, code, languages used (which is often a bit iffy), and contributors.
  • Humanitarian: 21 projects
  • Disaster Management: 29 projects
  • I'm assuming activity is not available because these are not under active development, projects with no activity over the last two years are shown as inactive
  • The organizations page shows organizations (e.g., KDE, Debian) with info on the organization type, project count, sector stats, affiliates, and a bit of other info.
  • For OpenMRS Core, the last commit was apparently 12 days ago.
  • GitHub also shows that the last commit was 12 days ago, but they could get out of sync since OpenHub does periodic pulls of info, it doesn't (I assume, knowing how the GitHub API works) get realtime updates
  • OpenHub can search across multiple repositories -- not all projects are on GitHub -- but GitHub has more detailed information about a project
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