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Column values are as follows:

  • ID is the unique ID of the bug
  • Sev is not even on that page, but would indicate the severity
  • Pri is the priority of the bug, which also isn't on the page
  • OS is the OS the bug would be on, which again isn't even on the page
  • Product is the specific product, given there are lots of possibilities I won't bother listing them
  • Status is the status of the request
  • Resolution is how the request was resolved
  • Summary is a summary of the bug/issue/ticket

Note that there is a page with the status and resolution values, so I'm not writing them above.

The bugs are initially displayed in ID order. Red bugs are highly critical, grey are enhancements, and black are regular bugs.

This bug was submitted on 2/5/2009, with the last discussion about a year ago. Given the team hasn't fixed it in 8 years, I don't even want to venture a guess at how I would fix it. It is assigned to the "Evince Maintainers".

For part 2, there were 301 opened bugs/reports and 244 closed bugs/reports over the last week. This means more were opened than closed (although one week isn't much of a trend). The top three closers were Philip Withnall, Edward Hervey, and Florian Müllner. The top three reporters were Jeremy Bicha, Frank, and Philip Withnall (the only overlap with the closers). The top three reviewers were Marcus Lundblad, Isaque Galdino, and Victor Manuel Jáquez Leal. There is no overlap with the reporters, but some with the contributors. For graphical reports, most bugs were "General", and I'm sure I can generate lots of reports.

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