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Standard Dev Environment

  • Fedora 18
  • OpenCV 2.4.X - whatever recent version is supported
  • Python 2.X/Python 3.X

Complete Git and Mousetrap Install

Install git and Clone MouseTrap

 Open a terminal and
 Run Commands:
 -> sudo yum install git-core                           # Install git 
 -> sudo yum -y update gnome-common glib2-devel\
    intltool python-devel opencv-python python-xlib     # Update all dependencies, MUST be done before install
 -> sudo yum -y install gnome-common glib2-devel\
    intltool python-devel opencv-python python-xlib     # Install latest versions of dependencies
 -> git clone git:// -b gnome3-wip # Clone the git repo to your computer

Install MouseTrap

 Run Commands:
 -> cd mousetrap
 -> ./                       # Set up MouseTrap
 -> make                               # Compile MouseTrap
 -> make install                       # Install Mousetrap executable in appropriate directory
 -> mousetrap                          # Execute MouseTrap. You may see warnings on your console

Commit Changes - Deprecated

 -> git status                         * Shows all of the modified files
 -> git add *                          * This is to add ALL files to commit list (MAKE SURE YOU WANT THEM ALL FIRST!)
 -> git commit                         * Add a useful title to first line of your commit.
                                         This is in vim so 'i' to insert ':x' to save and quit.
 -> git push origin INSERT_BRANCH_NAME * This must be the branch you created in the git install.
                                         This will ask for your git credentials, so have them ready.

Further Resources

For more information about the mousetrap program:[Mousetrap Program Resource[1]]

For more information about opencv: [Opencv Resource [2]]

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