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The Project

According to their site, "Accessibility in Web development means enabling as many people as possible to use Web sites, even when those people's abilities are limited in some way. Here we provide information on developing content to be accessible."

Evaluation Scoring

August 2017

Evaluation Factor Level
Evaluation Data
Licensing 2 Mozilla develops under the Mozilla public License (MPL). *Note: some of their accessibility partners, such as GW windows-Eye (as found here) do not necessarily have open-source licenses (Info on the GW Window-Eye licenses here
Language N/A
Level of Activity 2 It's not clear exactly how often the disparate projects get updated, however notes on weekly meetings, with current workings and updates can be found here, and bugs across the entire Mozilla platform for desktop, found here are updated and worked on daily.
Number of Contributors 2 this page shows the main people working on Mozilla accessibility, but there are plenty more contributors whor eport bugs, triage, etc.
Product Size 2 The MozillaBuild Package from here is 109 MB. Depending on where someone gets involved / which of Mozilla's products they get involved with, the size of the project could change.
Issue Tracker 2 The mozilla bug tracker has a massive number of bugs in all different types of categories, with relatively recent ativity (within the last few weeks). There is not, however, a section specifically for accessibility
New Contributor 2 There are instructions for new contributors to the Mozilla accessibility project here, with relevant links and information on an IRC channel, Bug tracker, download / build instructions, etc.
Community Norms 2 Mozilla communications (from a cursory glance) are professional, and technically-driven. They have a community participation guidelines document here
User Base 2 The firefox browser reaches a massive numebr of people, having roughly 12% of the total market share[1]. Any accessibility features built into the browser will reach all of those users
Total Score (out of 16) 16
  • The Mozilla accessibility contributors page links to a number of different accessibility evaluation tools (at time of writing, one for each of windows, Mac, and Linuz, and four cross-platform), but most are either dead links, or discontinued / outdated.
  • Future accessbility pages for research here:
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