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Using a VM with OpenMRS Pre-installed

Using the VM built at POSSE 2015

  • Download Virtual Box so that you can load the VM:
    • Accept all default settings
  • In Virtual Box, File -> Import Appliance... and select OpenMRS-on-Harvard-CS50.ova from wherever the file is on your physical machine
    • Click Import
    • Accept all default settings
  • Select the newly imported virtual machine, then click File->Preferences (PC) or VirtualBox->Preferences (Mac), then Network, then Host-only Networks
    • If you don't see a network adapter then +/add and accept the new adapter with default settings
    • Then click Cancel/OK to accept settings
    • Note: on Windows you may already see a network adapter, it is advisable to do the following
      • Click the settings gear icon (settings for the selected VM), Network, Adapter 2, click drop-down menu next to Name:, and reset VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter (this may seem odd, but you are doing great!), click OK
  • Select the newly imported machine in the lefthand panel and click Start (green arrow)
  • Starting OpenMRS in the virtual machine
    • Open a terminal in the VM and type:
      • cd openmrs-core
      • cd webapp
      • mvn jetty:run
    • When you see the following in terminal window "[INFO] Starting scanner at interval of 10 seconds", then open a browser on the VM and go to: http://localhost:8080/openmrs . This starts OpenMRS
  • To setup OpenMRS (in browser), you will need the mysql root username is jharvard, root password for the cs50 machine, which is crimson
  • To stop the jetty server, type Ctrl+C in terminal where it is running

How the VM built at POSSE 2015 was created

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