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POSSE 2013-06


Heidi Ellis, Western New England University
  • Was an animal science major
  • Has chocolate stashed in her hotel room
  • Brought wet wipes (perhaps she predicted the desert)
  • Lives about midway between Western NE U and Trinity, in a town that does not allow drive-throughs
  • Most valuable course in educational career: Typing
Greg Hislop, Drexel University
  • Does not do sticky
  • Does do chocolate
  • Has five children, ranging in age from 12 to 24 or so.
Samuel A. Rebelsky, Grinnell College
  • Grinnell College is in Iowa
  • Sam has 3 wonderful boys
  • Commute was a little rough... lots of plane delays, but arrived at Drexel at the same time as the group
  • Interested in using Ushahidi
  • To relax spends time with family - plays board games
  • Likes to read
  • Finds work relaxing ... (workaholic??)
  • Is color deficient so this system is challenging
  • Wants to talk to Sebastian about algorithmically generated art
Ruth Suehle, Red Hat
  • Used to dance ballet (and belly)
  • Writing a book on hacks for Raspberry Pi
  • Danced with lightening in a Tesla cage a week or so ago.
  • Has a full set of MassEffect
  • has clutzy and transparent child and another one who is a spelling bee winner 
  • knows how to spelll Claddagh (also spelling bee winner)
  • Does not do sticky
  • Writes at Wired as "Geek Mom" <a href="http://www.wired.com/geekmom/author/ruth/">http://www.wired.com/geekmom/author/ruth/</a>
  • Likes lovefeast coffee and cake
Monisha Pulimood, The College of New Jersey
  • Studied middle school in Kenya
  • Father works in Steel (which is why she was in Kenya)
  • Considering Ushahidi as a project because it may fit with a broader social/environmental justice project that is the focus of her class.
  • Actually makes the time to relax
  • Did a really cool project having middle school students do participatory journalism and write programs (in Scratch) as part of their reporting.
Cam Macdonell, Grant MacEwan University
  • Owns a kilt
  • Only person here from Canada (how do you know?)
  • Has done some work on Ushahidi
  • Has never had sweet potatoes with marshmallows before.
Lori Postner, Nassau Community College
  • part of the foss2serve team, one of the PI's
  • has a brother and sister who have both lived in California
  • Loves shoe shopping
  • Not a big fan of sweet potatoes covered in marshmallows 
  • Does not do sticky
Sonal Dekhane, Georgia Gwinnett College
  • From Bombay, India originally
  • Went to college here, Tulane University in New Orleans
  • Was there during Katrina, evacuated 2 days ahead of the storm.
Ben Coleman, Moravian College
  • We both know Laurie King - she was his advisor, I'm cochairing a conference with her
  • is a great cook (as per his grad school friend)
  • avid cyclist\, all around great guy
  • does sticky, all the time
  • bribed matt to write that he is a great guy ($20)
Peter Bui, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
  • finds the freedom and human interaction parts of his job very rewarding
  • Managing a super computer project 
  • Teaches an undergradute programming course in Python and is using mercurial and Bitbucket to have students submit their work
  • Refuses to teach us how to pronounce his name
Nannette Napier, Georgia Gwinnett College
  • Original member of founding faculty at Gwinnett
  • is a great leader
  • Does not do sticky
  • Is a Pretty pretty princess
JoAnne Taormina: Nassau Community College
  • Survived hurricane Sandy (as did her institution)
  • Probably using OpenMRS as the open source software.  Teaching independent study to students who only know Java.  A bit nervous, but aren't we all.
  • Commute was smooth.
  • Can't count - typed four facts about first interview (but so did her interviewer)
Kiranmai Bellam, Prairie View A & M University
  • Coordinator for international collaborations with India
  • Going to my home state in a couple of months
  • Skydove (past tense?) last year from 14K feet
  • Was terrified of the brown bread
Patricia (Patti) Ordóñez, University of Puerto Rico Río Piedras
  • Taking trapeeze lessons
  • She is some type of absent minded profeesor, but cannot remember what the word is. Stoney ftw - consummate
  • Does sticky
Darci Burdge - Nassau Community College
  • lived in at least four different states growing up
  • father was in military
  • Can't remember her github username
  • Loves homemade popcorn with butter so she must do sticky
Karl Wurst, Worcester State University
  • Went to Lehigh for 1.5 years during undergrad
  • Actually took longer to get his Ph.D. than Heidi did
  •  Likes drawing diagrams
  • Also teaches Python
  • Likes to write down random facts he knows about other participants

Ellen Zimmer, Edinboro
  • Come from a family of academics
  • Avid fisher
Matt Lang, Moravian College
  • Not a big fan of sweet potatoes covered in marshmallows 
  • is a hockey playing cat loving cook
  • AKA "Matt from Moravian"s
  • is an all around great guy
Sebastian Benthall, UC Berkeley
  • Graduate student studying data science
  • originally from CT
  • doesn't really like San Francisco very much; likes berkeley much more
  • working on algorithmically generated art
  • Thought that "Amish Mafia" was maybe true to life
  • Pronounces his last name the same way Peter does ("However you want")
Becka Morgan Western Oregon University
  • She wants to be a skydiver and paraglide off cliffs in Hawaii
  • She was a stage manager for a syndicated TV series named Divorce Court
  • She was the production supervisor for one of the first HBP flm series - First in Ten
  • Does not do sticky
  • Started tenure track position while she was in school, graduated recently and will go up for tenure in a couple of years.
  • insprired sticky... because she was dying to go to wash hands after eating the dessert and stated she does not do sticky
  • likes to make up facts about other participants
Stoney Jackson, Western New England University
  • Commutes an hour to this job for love
  • Wrote code for 5 hours on the train with Karl
  • plays guitar and piano
  • Feels like a pretty, pretty princess today
John Sener, Sener Knowledge
  • Just bought a Ford C-Max
  • went hiking in the NJ Pine Barrens today
  • knows a guy who wrote a book about Kepler
  • saw a Northern Black Racer
Bill Mongan
  • Has Claddagh ring
  • Is a private pilot
  • is on the teaching faculty in the CS department and works closely with the iSchool
  • Gets lots of mail addressed to Morgan
Sean P. GOggins
  • Been at Drexel for 4 years
  • Has worked with students doing projects with Twitter 
  • was mistaken for Kojak on the subway today
Michelle Purcell, Drexel University
  • Working on her research proposal about behaviors in open-source communities (it sounds really cool, and I've probably misrepresented it)
  • Has two children.
  • Greg let her out of the lab today
  • Threw out her first dissertation proposal
Howard Francis, Universitty of Pikeville
  • not present in Philly :(
  • Presenting at another workshop in Ferrum, VA
  • Collects Monopoly Games
  • Oldest daughter got married two weeks ago. Next oldest daughter getting married on Friday.
Esmail Bonakdarian
  • Dominican University
  • Stalked by Peter
  • Used to teach at Oberlin
  • Currently teaches as Dominican
  • Is an amateur astronomer
Joanie Diggs
  • Co-team lead of the GNOME Accessibility team with Alejandro Pinero
  • Works for Igalia which provide consulting services for open source projects
  • Likes her car so much she is going to bring it to Spain with her
  • Wrangles newbies to open source with great finesse

  • Drexel guest network doesn't support client-based IRC nor VPN
  • You  may want to try the freenode Web IRC : <a href="http://webchat.freenode.net/">http://webchat.freenode.net/</a>
  • Is not a participant in POSSE

Communal Notes

  • (rebelsky is going to town on IRC channel foss2serve on freenode.net: join using web based client: <a href="http://webchat.freenode.net/">http://webchat.freenode.net/</a> )
  • IRC Log of Sunday night meeting: <a href="http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/foss2serve/2013-06-02/foss2serve.2013-06-02-23.41.html">http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/foss2serve/2013-06-02/foss2serve.2013-06-02-23.41.html</a>

Useful Links

  • Web-based IRC client: <a href="http://webchat.freenode.net/">http://webchat.freenode.net/</a>
  • Schedule: <a href="http://foss2serve.org/index.php/Stage_2_Activities">http://foss2serve.org/index.php/Stage_2_Activities</a>
  • Slides and stuff: <a href="http://foss2serve.org/images/foss2serve/d/da/POSSE_Stage2Materials.zip">http://foss2serve.org/images/foss2serve/d/da/POSSE_Stage2Materials.zip</a>
  • Blog post: "Why we won't call you a 'user'": <a href="http://www.kitware.com/blog/home/post/263">http://www.kitware.com/blog/home/post/263</a>
  • 50 ways to be a FOSSer: <a href="http://xcitegroup.org/softhum/doku.php?id=f:50ways">http://xcitegroup.org/softhum/doku.php?id=f:50ways</a>
  • Producing Open Source Software: <a href="http://producingoss.com/">http://producingoss.com/</a>
  • The Open Source Way: <a href="http://theopensourceway.org">http://theopensourceway.org</a>
  • OpenSource.com: <a href="http://opensource.com/">http://opensource.com/</a>

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