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A Pathway is a sequence of steps that a practitioner would follow to contribute to a humanitarian free and open source (HFOSS) project. Pathway steps are supported by Learning Activities and Learning Modules.

Using This Format

  1. Create a new page with a short, descriptive name that ends with "(Pathway)". See examples below.
  2. Copy the source for this format into your new page.
  3. Follow instructions to fill in the sections below.
    • The Contribution should emphasize how this pathway helps the HFOSS project.
  4. In the table, list the Prerequisites for this pathway.
    • This uses Template:Pathway Prerequisite Table.
    • Areas include: Software Configuration, Issue Tracker, Tools, Community, etc.
    • Each item should be active and student centered - do not use words like "know" or "understand".
  5. In the table, describe each step in the pathway, and the outcome of the step.
  6. Categorize the page using tags at the bottom of the page.
    • Include [[Category:Pathways]].
    • Remove [[Category:Formats]] since this page is a format, but your new page is not.
  7. When in doubt, look at existing Pathways as examples.
  8. Use the Discussion tab (upper left of the page) to leave feedback to the author(s) of the pathway.

Identify Relevant Learning Activities

Each pathway page is a topic category. To connect a learning activity to a pathway:

  1. On the Pathway page, in the list of steps, add a regular link to the activity for the step(s) it supports.
  2. On the Learning Activity page, at the bottom of the page, add a category link to each pathway it supports. For example:
    [[Category:Create Unit Tests (Pathway)]]


The contributor will: The contribution is:


Area The contributor must be able to:
  • ...
  • ...

Pathway Steps, Outcomes, & Learning Activities

Follow the project’s policies and practices to complete the steps below.

Pathway Step Step Outcome Process Skills Focus Related Learning Activities
1. Description of this step Outcome of this step Links to process skills used to complete this step Links to learning activities that support this step
2. ... ... ... ...

Notes for Learning Activities Related to this Pathway

When creating and revising activities:

For this blank format: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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