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Notes from June 4 POSSE (See below for Nov 17, 2016 additions)

Names: Sonal, Esmail, Nannette, and Heidi

Names: Krish, Rob, Chi, and Wu (See below for Nov 17, 2016 additions)

Important background


What's the difference between Sahana and Sahana-Eden?

How do we install this thing?

1. Windows

We're thinking the best practice would be to first do the user installation to make sure we can. Then, do the developer installation and see if you can build it.

  • <What we did>
  1. Click on Developer --> Click on Windows --> "InstallationGuidelines/Windows/Developer/Installer" (first choice). #Takes you to
  2. NOW, select the .exe file
  3. To setup in Eclipse: Followed steps under 'Install PyDev through Eclipse'. Then, followed steps under "CONFIGURATION"

The program is installed under C:\Program Files\Eden under XP, and C:\Program Files (x860) under Windows 7. cd into web2py and run python (If you don't have Python in your path, you may have to specify the path to the python interpreter, e.g., c:\Python27\python.exe .. check your own installation to see where python.exe is located).

At this point the program will fail with some permission problems :)

Fix coming up ...

Windows 7 Solution. Other versions might be similar. (worked for Howard Francis... your mileage may vary)

  • Go to the Eden folder (which for me was C:\Program Files (x86)
  • Right-click on the web2py folder and select "Properties"
  • Go to the "Security" tab
  • Click on the "Edit" button
  • Select "Users" in the "Group or user names" box
  • Click the "Full control" check box in the "Allow" column of the "Permissions for Users" box.
  • Click "OK" (or Apply)

It will take a moment or two for the system to adjust the permissions of all the files in that folder. (I don't normally recommend changing permissions in the Program Files folder, but I felt a little better about doing it in web2py and not Eden directly -- if someone has a more secure solution, I'm all for it.)

2. Mac

1. Go to Sahana installation guidelines for Mac developers

2. Follow the download instructions step by step - XCode, MacPorts, GIS tools, Python, and Python packages. If you do not have Git, install Git too.

3. When running Eden, the datautil and lxml packages produced an error.\

What are some possible starting points?

Getting started with Sahana Eden

Plans moving forward

  • Heidi will email us a contact person from Sahana development
  • Our preferred contact method as a faculty group will be through email. If we do need to have group meetings, Skype
  • Sonal will focus on activities for a Fall class. Nannette and Esmail will focus on activities for a possible Spring class.
  • First objectives:Finish the developer installation, make sure we can compile, and actually run the program. Also, finish the user installation.
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