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A Course is an actual academic course that involves HFOSS, typically by using Pathways and Learning Activities.


Course COMP190 - Tools and Techniques for Software Development
Institution Dickinson College
Instructor(s) Grant Braught, Dickinson College
Term First offered as COMP 190 in fall 2020 at Dickinson College.
Course Overview An introduction to the Unix command line environment, shell scripting, system administration, debugging tools and version control. Skills developed will be applied in the context of a Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software (HFOSS) project. Case studies of social, legal and ethical issues raised by computing and computing for the greater good will complement the technical skill development.
Course Length 1/2 Course for a14-week semester.
Student Characteristics Typically offered to 10-20 second-year computer science majors per year.
Prerequisites This course was designed designed to be taken in the first semester of a student's second year. It is a required course for both computer science majors and minors, but is open to students from any major. Prior to taking COMP 190, students will have completed two introductory computer science courses, typically with one being procedural (Python) and one being object oriented (Java). However, these prerequisites primarily serve to ensure maturity in the discipline rather than the specifics of any particular programming language or paradigm.
Infrastructure The course outlined below assumes 1 75-minute course meetings per week for a 14 week semester, plus a 3-hour final exam period. Students are expected to average 3 to 4 hours of work outside of class per week.

Many of the activities and assignments rely on the use of particular technologies. These can be substituted with equivalent technologies but are currently:

  • Virtual Box
  • Linux Lite
  • Docker / docker-compose

Complete Course Materials and User Guide

Complete details of this course including all materials, a guide to use and adaptation of the materials, analysis of student survey data and a discussion of ongoing improvements can be found in the following GitHub Repository:

COMP190 at Dickinson College

For this blank format: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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