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Participants completing the Stage 2 workshop will be able to:

  • Describe the variety of learning activities that student participation in HFOSS projects may include
  • Implement HFOSS activities appropriate for a particular curriculum and student population
  • Explain challenges and opportunities of student HFOSS participation
  • Discuss key aspects of FOSS culture and process
  • Use a selection of tools common in HFOSS projects
  • Select an HFOSS project well-suited for student participation
  • Identify key sources of information for learning about HFOSS
  • Identify other participants with similar ideas about applying HFOSS
  • Participate in POSSE Stage 3

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*** DRAFT *** Schedule for POSSE 2019-01 in New York

Below is the schedule for the stage 2 workshop activities.

Time Activity Team
Day 1
8:30 Breakfast All
9:00 1.1 Welcome
  • Plan for the day
  • Welcome to POSSE
  • Introducing everyone
  • Workshop overview and schedule
Greg, Lori
9:45 1.2 HFOSS in Education - (Activity 75 minutes, Slides 15 minutes)
  • 50 Ways to be a FOSSer
  • Exploration of student contributions
Chris, Heidi
11:15 Break All
11:30 1.3 HFOSS Process and Tools
  • How tools fit and support HFOSS culture
  • Upstream Adoption
  • Licensing
Darci, Gina
12:00 Guest  ??
12:15 Lunch All
1:30 1.4 Git Intro Activity Becka, Stoney
3:15 Break All
3:30 2.1 Approach to HFOSS Learning Greg, Clif
4:15 2.4 HFOSS in the Curriculum Activity (60 minutes)
  • Discussion (15 minutes)
    • Options for getting started in courses
    • HFOSS beyond the curriculum
    • Trying to find the right size student project
    • Evaluating student work
    • Instructional style: mentoring vs. lecturing; instructor as co-learner
Becka, Clif
Day 2
8:30 Breakfast All
9:00 2.2 GitHub Workflow Activity Darci, Stoney
Take Break When Convenient All
10:45 2.3 Understanding Open Source Communities
  • Perspective on basic characteristics common in HFOSS communities
    • FOSSisms that capture FOSS culture and methods
Chris, Clif
12:00 Guest  ??
12:15 Lunch All
1:30 2.5 Project Evaluation Activity Darci, Lori
2:15 2.6 Planning for HFOSS Participation
  • Form groups (based either on courses or HFOSS projects)
  • In each group:
    • Download and install dev environment for HFOSS project if appropriate
    • Identify three things that you would like to get done by the end of POSSE
    • Plan a schedule for accomplishing these
3:15 Break All
3:30 3.1 Understanding POSSE Stage 3
  • Experience reports
Greg, Chris, Becka, Darci
4:30 3.2 Sharing HFOSS Learning Activities
  • Review of Activity Template
  • Group work
5:00 3.4 Going Forward
  • Evaluation form
  • Open discussion
  • Closing remarks
5:15 End All
Overflow - need to assess
10:45 3.2 Sharing HFOSS Learning Activities - Continued All
12:45 3.2 Sharing HFOSS Learning Activities - Continued
  • Groups report back on work done before lunch
  • Groups continue to work
1:45 3.3 Stage 3 - First Steps
  • What will the group do together?
  • Plan some initial activities (faculty only or faculty and students)
  • Discuss group communication
  • Assessment
Heidi, Clif



  • Server:
  • Channel: #foss2serve

Standard IRC clients may not work at some workshop locations due to port blockage. If you have problems, please let the team know and try one of the Web-based IRC interfaces below.

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