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Planning for HFOSS Participation

Please answer each of the following questions as it relates to your activity.

  1. Identify the course(s) the activity would be appropriate for.

Two separate ideas:

      * Capstone project for senior students in computer science and software engineering
      * Software quality and testing course
  1. Briefly describe the activity.
  • For the capstone course, we would ask the student team to make a major contribution to the Gnome - MouseTrap project.
  • For the testing course, students will be asked (1) to rewrite a bug report, and (2) to write design a test case for that bug.
  1. How much time do you expect the HFOSS activity to take (# classes, # homework assignments, # lab activities, etc.)? Will the activity be completed in class or out of class?
  • For the capstone project, this is a year long, team-based project. It will require ~4 hours/week for two semesters.
  • For the testing course, this is 2 separate homework assignments. We may chose to precede the homework assignment with an in-class assignment in which they explore a bug tracking repository.
  1. How does this activity relate to course goals/objectives?
  • For the capstone project, it is important that the project include the entire lifecycle of software development. Thus, students will need to explore the requirements are currently describe on the project documentation. Students may suggest new requirements with the hope that the community will approve. It is important that they design and write code. The goal is to get their code accepted by the community.
  • For the software quality and testing course, one of the objectives is that students experience learn to write test cases. So this assignment is appropriate.
  1. What will students submit upon completion of the activity?
  • For the capstone project, students will be expected to submit changes to requirements, use cases, design documents, test cases, and completed code.
  • For the software testing, students will be asked to submit revised bug reports and test cases.
  1. How will you assess the submission?
  • Capstone project assessment: this is a complex process that includes faculty assessment of project artifacts, team member assessment of contribution of other team members, and assessment of stakeholders.
  • Testing course: bug report will be assessed about its thoroughness, accuracy, etc.
  1. List any question or concerns you have about implementing your activity.
  • For the capstone project, I have a concern about whether students be able to write the large amount of code that we expect for capstone project.
  1. What type of support will you need to implement your activity?
  • Time to learn about the resources and tools that I need for students to use.
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